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OLLNY never stop the innovation and improvement of our LED decoration light products and services, committed to providing the customers first-rate experience.

  • Concentrated

    We focus on one – LED decoration light. Customer-oriented, we continue to study, improve and innovate the product.

  • Investment

    We invest hugely on talents recruitment and training and production research and development.

  • Professional

    We have the professional teams from product R&D, Marketing and Operation, with over 10-year experience.

  • Reputation

    We are doing what we talked about, no matter internally or externally, building well-deserved reputation.

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Happy new year! We hope that, in 2021, more differences, more beauties and more excitements will go into your life. To those colorful moments, we give our best wishes in advance, by providing series of discount campagin for you.

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Customer testimonials

We don’t blow Ollny decor lights by ourselves, but customers talk about the truth about Ollny. Let’s find some from thousands of reviews.

[5 Stars] I have tried several different brands and styles of RGB string lights this year, where you can set the string on any one of like 16 different colors using the included remote control. This brand is good.
Braindoc United States
C. Woodward
[4.5 Stars] This are great lights, perfect for a small tree or festive (portable) arrangement. They provide a good amount of light off a simple 5v USB port, and have plenty of modes to choose from.
C. Woodward United States
Big Gob Jary
[5 Stars] The lights have several options of flashing or not flashing. As a bonus because these are LED they are considerably cheaper to run than old fashioned bulbs.A fully recommended product.
Big Gob Jary United Kingdom
[5 Stars] Total schöne lichterkette! Auch das auseinander bekommen und anbringen war gar kein Problem. Ich kann sie nur wärmstens empfehlen und meine Tochter ist ebenfalls begeistert. Das Licht ist schön warm und angenehm.
Kri Germany