5 Amazing Micro Wedding Ideas You Should Know

Are you planning on hosting a wedding any time soon? Are you also looking for helpful ways to make your event unique while saving money? You might also have realized various hassles in planning a wedding.

We have identified these five amazing micro-wedding ideas you should know. Some of them need wedding lights, proven to bring memorable events. Let us begin.

1. Pick the Right Venue

The first priority on your list is to pick the right venue. That is because it's where you will host your guests, resources, and other wedding items. Consider those tiny but meaningful places such as a secret garden, an art gallery and even your backyard. Check if they can host weddings and the specific details or decorations you expect to use for the event.

2. Make it Memorable

When it talks to host a wedding, it's crucial that you also make your event memorable. One of the ways you can make your event unforgettable is to pay attention to marriage signatures. After the oath, add the part of signing the marriage paper, which shows you newlyweds’ determination to all your guests. Remember to read it loudly and affectionately to your love.

3. Make Your Guests Enjoy the Wedding

After the memorable moment to your guests, The next step now involves ensuring your guests enjoy the wedding. Game is one of the best ways to make guests enjoy your wedding. Consider preparing some traditional wedding games to spend time like Ring Toss, Cornhole, and Giant Jenga, etc. Do not forget to set up a beverages section for people who get tired from games.

4. Prepare a High-Quality Wedding Cake

A wedding cake is a significant symbol in modern weddings, and it’s key for sealing such an important life moment. It's why we recommend you prepare a high quality wedding cake if you want an unforgettable wedding.

The key to your success is choosing a service provider or bakery that can provide optimal value with a good cake. While it’ll likely be a significant investment, your wedding is also an equally important moment in your life. The cake should also reflect your personal experiences, identity, or message you want to share with the crowd.

5. Get Well Sized Reception Table

The quality of the reception is also essential for your wedding. It’s where your guests first interact with your wedding, and it also helps make a good impression on your guests, who will arrive at your event for the first time. Setting a well-sized reception table can be perfect for this purpose.

Furthermore, a good wedding reception lighting helps you to get more appeal. The wedding string lights are perfect to create both a relaxed and intimate vibe. Just enjoy socializing with your guests with these sweet and pleasing sparkles.

The Ollny brand has you covered with suitable fairy lights wedding solutions for such settings. Those outdoor wedding lights are not only easy to use, but hardly get tangled as long as you release them carefully. With IP44 waterproof, they are good to use outside(even though we would hate to see it rain on your big day, it's a possibility) , and you don’t worry that your guests get hurt when they spill any liquid on the strands accidentally.

Do you have ideas you want to set for your micro wedding? We recommend you use this article as a guide rather than a "set in stone" resource. The Ollny brand is a good place for you to start this process. 

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