5 Best Ways to Hang Your Backyard String Lights

The list of options for hanging your backyard string lights is immense. You will easily find cheap ones and always go right with a string of lights.
We know you are struggling with backyard lighting ideas for where to get started. Luckily, here are the five spaces that will show you exactly how to install backyard lighting this season:

1. Add the Lights to Your Patio

While the patio serves as the entryway to your property, it can also serve as an excellent place to set up your outdoor led lights. The patio is exceptional because it easily attracts people's attention and is the entry point to your property.

So, consider setting up the Edison bulb lights to help illuminate your property. It's also an exceptional patio lighting resource because you can use it as an outdoor decoration. The list of hanging options you can use for hanging is also immense. The Ollny G40 lights are perfect for this process.

2. Use Walls to Set up The Lights

Did you know that you can hang outdoor string lights on the wall? These lights are easy to install in a loop, which can be attractive and attract your visitors' attention. Unlike traditional incandescent lights, Ollny patio string lights provide various functionality benefits.

One example is that they save up to 90% of energy and provide longevity benefits. These help ensure you can install more lights in your home without worrying about energy costs. The Ollny S14 lights are an excellent example of these patio string lights.

3. Consider the Trees for Hanging Lights

Do you have any trees with leafy green foliage in your environment? Are you seeking good ideas for hanging these lights and still making a good impression?
The Ollny 800led warm transparent string lights are perfect for this process. These lights have a durable and clear cable that is easy to hide in various sections of your trees.

These include the branches, leaves, and any other section of the trees you prefer. Remember to look for trees that are close to the places you will host your guests, or enjoy your outdoor time.

4. Hang Curtain Lights on Pergolas

The other alternative that you can use involves hanging the curtain lights around the pergola. And it's easy to do this.

We recommend the Ollny outdoor curtain lights because they are USB-powered and compatible with various resources. These include your power bank, computer, and USB ports.

Furthermore, string lights are also exceptional. You can also use them in almost any location. The USB-powered functionality helps enhance the brightness quality that the lights can provide.

5. Try Net Lights in Your Backyard

Credit: @elkasrufford48

Net lights are the other alternative when hanging backyard lights. Net lights are also referred to as net style or mesh lights.

They are a decorative type of light that you can use for different events in your backyard. It can be for Christmas, picnics, or even personal events with close acquaintances. You can also install patio string lights on various aspects of your backyard.

These include shrubs, hedges, trees, and bushes. These lights also exist in various colors, like warm white, cool white, and multi-colors. We recommend you use Ollny net lights for this purpose.

Using outdoor led lights correctly is crucial for making your backyard look ambient and appealing. Remember to use string lights if you need help decorating your backyard. These lights are easy to set up and provide myriad functionality benefits. Consider the lighting fixtures offered by Ollny decorative led lights for the best results.

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