5 Marvelous DIY Lighting Ideas For a Wedding Reception

The wedding reception is one of the most essential components of a successful event. Why is that? It's where you receive guests and make an excellent first impression. Whether you host the wedding indoors or outdoors, having a personalized or original decor is essential.

One of the best ways to achieve this goal involves using resources like wedding reception lights. However, there is more to picking these wedding lights than you might expect, and this guide should help.

1. Icicle Lights

The first mention on the list of wedding string lights is essential because of the unique appeal and ambiance it can bring to your wedding. It is the perfect solution for adding a dripping glow to your wedding reception.

You can see these lights in a string and curved shape, the same shape as an icicle. Plus, they exist in various shapes, colors, and sizes. The ones made by the Ollny brand are also available with strands you can connect. These wedding icicle lights also feature LED bulbs, which offer energy efficiency and longevity.

2. Canopy lights

We also had to mention canopy lights. Flowers with string and canopy lights will get a garden-inspired feel. These are chic bulbs that you can hang low over your reception table. They provide a romantic ambiance and a cozy glow – perfect for wedding light applications.

Canopy lights are also suitable for outdoor and indoor lighting applications. People usually mount them to the undersides of wedding canopies or the awning. The canopy lights are also powered through various power sources and sizes, styles, and colors.

So, you will always get suitable Canopy lights from the Ollny brand. The light this brand offers also comes with up to eight modes for your convenience.

3. Tree lights

The next on our wedding lighting ideas list is tree lights, and it's easy to see why. These outdoor wedding lights are perfect for when you want a garden or green wedding reception.

They are easy to use when you want to dim the atmosphere, but still, they make a good impression with the presence of greenery.

People usually use these lights to decorate and light up their spaces during the Christmas holidays. The lights are also available in different colors, and sizes. You can hang the lights on a tree or place them in strategic settings like the outsides of tents.

The Ollny brand covers you with the 800 LEDS 330FT Transparent Fairy String Lights Warm. These lights are durable and easy to set up.

4. Cluster lights

Cluster lights are also excellent for setting up fairy lights wedding. You can hang them on a tree to create a memorable wedding or set them up in different cluster lengths for convenience.

These lights feature several small bulbs, forming a unique collection of lights or clusters. The goal of the cluster is to provide bright and ambient light. Many people like using it for wedding lighting ideas because of the light quality and intensity.

They also stand out, and can be used for creating various lighting effects. Make sure you try out the 400LED 20Ft Warm Wedding Light from Ollny.

5. Curtain lights

Curtain lights were destined for the wedding backdrop. These lights are perfect for the unique ambiance people often want to achieve during wedding events. The lights are attractive, and stand out from any other item in your setting or occasion.

The Ollny brand has the 300 LEDS Curtain Decoration Lights Warm to help you with this goal. You can set up these wedding string lights around your curtains or inside your tents for convenience. You can also complement their effect with fairy or cluster lights that have a dynamic lighting effect.

As you have seen, there is more to making your wedding great than you might have expected. Among some of the most critical factors involves choosing the correct lighting systems. We hope the tips and products above help you make the most of your upcoming wedding. Click this link for more wedding lighting ideas.

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