8 Christmas Light Safety Tips for This Holiday Season

As the holidays approach, many of us begin to think about decking our homes with festive decorations. And one of the best ways to herald the season is by stringing up color changing outdoor Christmas lights.

While this may seem simple and fun, there are a few safety hazards to be aware of before you start.

Here are eight must-know Christmas light safety tips to give you peace of mind along with the festive spirit of the holidays.

1. Replace Damaged or Old Christmas Lights

Thoroughly check the cords, bulbs, and wires of your holiday light decorations before installing them anywhere in your home. These parts might have been damaged throughout a year of storage, which could affect the normal use of the lights.

2. Choose LED Lights With High Waterproof Degree

If you're looking for a safe and energy-efficient option, go for LED light. LED Christmas lights and outdoor color changing lights use less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs and remain cool to the touch no matter how long they’ve been plugged in. This means they are much less likely to ignite and are safer for children and pets.

Opt for LED lights with a high waterproof level, such as these Ollny 800 LED string lights. They are IP67 waterproof and can stand extreme weather.
Because LED lights use low voltage and wattage, they do not overheat and will not make much of a dent in your utility bills.

3. Be Careful When Using Ladders

You will need a ladder to reach high areas when installing twinkling outdoor Christmas lights in your home. Use a wooden ladder to prevent electric shocks. Make sure the ladder is stable: lean it against a wall for support or have someone assist you.

Do not extend your body too far away from the ladder, as a weight imbalance can cause you to fall.

4. Secure Loose Light Strands

Use cord clips to fasten loose cables and extension cords to the wall or the ceiling. These simple solutions will prevent people from tripping on loose cables on the floor and maintain everyone’s safety during the holidays.

5. Avoid Running Holiday Lights Through Doors or Windows

Do not thread string lights through doors or windows, as the cords can get caught and pinched without warning. It probably cause the insulation layer of the wire to wear and affect the normal use of the lights.

6. Don’t Have More Than 3 Light Sets in an Extension Cord

Elaborate light displays are incredibly fun and festive, but be careful when setting them up. Extension cords are well and good for distributing power across your display but do not plug more than three strings of incandescent lights in one extension. Limiting it to three will prevent electrical overload and overheating.

7. Use GFCI Outlets for Your Outdoor Christmas Light

Use a Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) for waterproof outdoor Christmas lights. It will act as a circuit breaker when the outlet is exposed to moisture, which is a crucial safety precaution for outdoor areas.

8. Keep the Cords Dry

Keep extension cords high and dry when hanging outdoor Christmas lights. As the waterproof level of the extension cord is not as high as the string lights’, it’s essential to make sure that the plug and cables are not exposed to water, as it could cause an electrical short circuit and the lights won’t work properly.

Follow These Tips for a Fun and Safe Holiday Season

Putting up Christmas lights for the holidays is a joyful and heartwarming family experience, but you must pay attention to these safety tips when using the best outdoor Christmas lights for houses.

Consider hiring professional assistance if you doubt the safety of your lights and the display you want to create. Have a merry and wonderful Christmas!

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