6 Steps to Hang Curtain Lights Easily


Curtain lights are an easy yet elegant way to light up any space. Available in different colors, lengths and styles, you are sure to find some that suit your individual taste and space. Pretty, budget-friendly and easy to install, why not add some sparkle to an area of your house or garden with some curtain lights? In this blog post we are going to discuss the six simple steps to hang curtain lights, so you can follow along and transform your house or garden.

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Step One: Choosing the Right Curtain Lights

There are lots of options available when it comes to curtain lights, and the length of the curtains, size of the windows, or space that you are installing them in, color and effect you wish to create should all be taken into account before you decide on your lights.

Ollny curtain lights are the perfect versatile lights with their different sizes and styles. They also come with a brightness adjustment setting and IP44 waterproof features, perfect for if you are considering hanging your curtain lights in an outdoor space. Ollny are always happy to help and advise you on the best type of lights for your needs.

Step Two: Measure Your Space

Once you have decided on your curtain lights, it is time to measure the space that you are going to hang them in. This is a crucial step to make sure they look the best they possibly can, and to ensure they are going to fit. Remember: if you are hanging your curtain lights on the window, you need to measure the length and width of the window space as well as the distance from the top of the window to the floor.

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Step Three: Choose the Right Hanging Method

There are a few different methods you can use to hang curtain lights, including tension rods, curtain clips, adhesive hooks or nails and screws. You can choose one of these methods based on your situation.

Step Four: Attach the Lights

When you have decided which method you are going to use to hang your curtain lights, follow the below instructions to get your lights up:

Tension rod

A tension rod fits inside the window frame and is spring-loaded. To hang curtain lights this way you just need to slide the lights onto the rod and adjust the length to what you require.

Curtain Clips

Curtain clips are an easy way to hang curtain lights up- simply attach the lights to the curtain itself and then just adjust them to how you want them.

Adhesive Hooks

Adhesive hooks are a great and flexible way to hang curtain lights without having to worry about drilling holes. Choose strong adhesive hooks that can withstand the weight of the curtain lights and hang the wires onto the hooks.

Nails or Screws

Drill nails or screws into the walls where you want to hang the lights, and hang them up, spacing them how you want to.

Step Five: Arrange the Lights

Once your lights are up, you can arrange them however you want them to look. Why not try adjusting the spacing, the folding or even twisting the lights to create different shapes and looks. You can be as creative as you like and change the style whenever you wish to.

Step Six: Turn on the Lights

All that is left to do is to power on your lights and enjoy them! Make sure that the cords are placed properly and that the plug reaches the outlet easily.

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Tips for Hanging Curtain Lights

  1. Ensure that the tension rod or adhesive hooks are strong enough to hold the weight of the curtain lights.
  2. Lights with a timer or remote control, like the Ollny curtain lights, are the best so you can control them from a distance.
  3. Use anchors to prevent damage to the walls if using screws or nails.
  4. Cords should be out of the way to prevent tripping up on them or the lights being pulled down.
  5. If using your lights outdoors, ensure they are waterproof.

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Follow these six simple steps to install beautiful curtain lights and create a warm and cozy atmosphere in your own home or outside space: Choose the right curtain lights; measure your space; choose the right hanging method; attach the lights; arrange the lights; power up.

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