A Guide to 6 Birthday Party Ideas

Birthdays are special no matter how old you are. It’s a time to be grateful for another year of life, loved ones, and the memories you’ve made so far. If your birthday is coming up, why not celebrate by gathering together the special people in your life?

Whether you’re hosting a simple get-together or prefer a large birthday bash, decorations can put your guests in the mood to party and make your celebration more festive. Don’t know where to start? Here’s a guide to six birthday party ideas that will inspire and brighten up your celebration!

1. Style A Balloon Wall

Styling a balloon wall is an amazing way to liven up your place in an affordable way.

All you have to do is choose the types of balloons you want and blow them up. You can use plain balloons or also great creative and use special party balloons that follow your theme.

To fix them onto your wall, just get a foam base board and start tacking your balloons onto it. Feel free to embellish your wall with decorative elements like flowers, streamers, and decorative paper cut-outs. You can create shapes, designs, and patterns with different balloon colors and sizes. To make your wall stand out more, add LED icicle lights.

One thing’s for sure — it’s a great backdrop for blowing out the candles on your cake and photographs!

2. Hang A Banner

Want something low-key and simple? This birthday design idea has your name on it! After all, what could be easier than hanging a banner?

Banners always add a fun element to parties. You can make your own banner with scissors, colored paper, markers, and some string. If you’d like a shortcut, there are plenty of ready-made birthday banners at party specialty stores and online. All that’s left to do is hang them up.

Place the banner at the entrance or on the wall as part of your party backdrop. You can even add it to your balloon wall and add some LED fairy lights to make it more festive.

3. Light Up Backdrop

If you want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, curtain lights are the way to go. These curtain fairy lights from Ollny are meant to hang down from the ceiling, providing trails of light that enhance your wall and can be combined with other decorations like balloons and flowers.

With eight lighting modes and four brightness options, you can customize your lighting depending on the mood and theme you want. Plus, Ollny Curtain lights are IP44 waterproof so you can bring your lighting outside for an alfresco celebration!

4. Decorate Your Birthday Spread

What would any gathering be without a generous spread of food and beverages? Welcome your guests with delicious party fare and give them plenty to rave about by decorating your food table.

Add a pretty tablecloth and runner. Place candles around the table. Add flowers or even artful origami. You can even use the food itself as decoration by adding a charcuterie board or a tiered tray to draw the eye vertically. Let your imagination and creativity take over. After all, food becomes more mouthwatering if it’s wonderfully presented.

5. Canopy Lighting

If you’re planning an outdoor party, a beautiful canopy of LED Fairy String lights can create an ethereal and magical ambiance. Imagine dancing, laughing, and enjoying the food under a blanket of twinkling lights.

Though the effect is impressive, many sturdy lights can be used outdoors. Take, for example, these Warm White String Lights from Ollny. Since they’re 330 feet in length, they can easily be strewn above to provide a canopy lighting effect. They’re also weather and waterproof with eight lighting modes and a timer, making them useful outdoor lights even after your birthday has passed.

6. Have a Cabana for Presents

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a special place like a cabana for the gifts you’ll be receiving? Seeing wrapped presents beautifully placed under a decorated cabana can add to the excitement of opening them later.

After embellishing your cabana, finish decorating with LED Twinkle String Lights from Ollny. These multi-colored, star-shaped lights are strung together with a clear cable that can be made to blend against a white background. It also has 11 lighting modes and different colored lights that can be customized to suit your theme.


Birthdays come only once a year. Make the event memorable for you and your guests with these six birthday party ideas and lighting solutions from Ollny. Cheers to you and your upcoming party!

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