Early Summer Decorating Ideas for Your House

Summer is coming. More and more people will opt to stay indoors to brave the hot weather. This is the perfect time to switch up the décor, add a little visual spice, and breathe life back into your home. In addition to helping you clean your living space, summer decorations also give you a chance to stay in touch with the latest fashion trends for home décor. It doesn’t get any trendier than the Ollny range of home decoration lighting solutions. Here are a few ideas to get you started on your summer decorations.

1.  Turn Your Porch into a Summer Party Space

In every house, a porch provides the first impression. An unused porch can be transformed into a place to entertain or relax. For example, nothing spells summer vibes more than painting your front door in a light color or adding an extra dining table and chairs to your porch.

Also, adding potted flowers towards the edge of the porch will give it a pleasant and natural outdoor appeal. You can finally have dinner or drink with your family or friends on your transformed porch!

2. Place Green Plants in the Living Room

Here, the idea is to give the living room a cozy appeal to your family and guests. This can be done by blending natural and artificial decorations. Putting some house plants in your living room at strategic points in summer is naturally refreshing. It is important to choose planters or pots that have a color closer to or similar to the colors in your home.

In addition, to the decoration effect, indoor green plants bring the feeling of being in touch with nature. Green indoor plants are also good for your health and good mood. 

3.  Hang the Outdoor String Lights on the Patio

The patio is the favorite spot for many people to have drinks or dinner in the summer. Decorating the patio is about getting the right decorative lighting. 

Lucky for you there are several affordable patio lighting options at Ollny. Elevate the beauty of your patio with Ollny 800 LED warm white string lights. Its ample length of 100m allows you to twist it around the patio, roof, or even garden. Nothing is more relaxing than having drinks with friends and family as you watch the summer sunsets from a well-lit patio. Ollny 800 LED outdoor fairy lights are ideal for all seasons so whether it is a wedding or just a house party, these outdoor string lights will leave you home and dry.

Most Ollny lighting solutions come in various lengths and sizes to cater to all users’ needs. In addition, they are waterproof. Make the choice today and bring the summer vibe into your home with our Ollny summer decorative lighting solutions. View and access our outdoor string lights, curtain fairy lights and solar fairy lights now.

4.Change the Duvet Cover in your Bedroom

A new duvet cover can instantly refresh your bedroom. When the weather heats up, you could shift to a lightweight fabric for the duvet cover like linen and cotton to create a cozy vibe. Beach-inspired patterns and colors like blue, sandy beige, and aqua are perfect for summer decor as well. You need to let in natural light in your bedroom during the day. In addition to amplifying the colors around the bedroom, it is also good for eyesight.


Summer decorations can be relatively inexpensive, so you can easily beautify your house for a low cost. It is all about blending color, nature, and light.  So, whether you go for Ollny store to make the best out of your home. It not only brightens your home but also adds excitement to any space!

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