How to Hang String Lights Without Nails: Try These Six Convenient Ways

Decorating your home is often an exciting and memorable experience. However, various challenges can come up, such as when it comes to hanging your lights. The last thing you want to use is nails that can cause multiple types of damage to surfaces like the wall.

So, what are your alternatives? Well, this guide looks at how to hang string lights without nails. All the techniques mentioned are affordable and easy to pull off DIY.

1. Use Adhesive Clips

The first solution on your list is adhesive clips. These clips have a particular type of glue that makes them easy to stick on walls. The high-end adhesive clips type often easily accommodates heavy lights and can provide months of longevity.
They are also easy to set up on almost any surface and won't cause damage when using nails. It's also possible to pick the types compatible with your lights.

2. Wrap Around Household Items

Another good idea is to wrap the led string lights on household items. Hanging fairy lights is easy with sculptures, seats, tables, chairs, and pictures in your space. That is because these resources provide excellent surfaces for setting your lights.

It takes planning to do it right, but the result will be remarkable. Remember to set the fairy string lights away from the hands of kids and pets for your convenience.

3. Use Transparent Tape

While tape doesn't offer longevity, it's still an excellent alternative. You can always replace it once it starts losing adhesive. You can also set the transparent tape in several layers to improve its strength and ability to hold lights.

We recommend transparent tape because it won't compromise the appearance of other items in your space. They also blend well with twinkling string lights.

Ensure you also set the tape on suitable surfaces, because some walls such as those made using glass aren’t reliable. Regardless, transparent tape should be an important aspect of your resources for hanging string lights.

4. Pushpins

You can insert small pins on your walls to help stick the light wraps to the wall. While pushpins will leave small holes in the wall, they are not easy to notice. Plus, it's easy to cover these using products like a seal or acrylic gesso.

You can keep your lights on year-round or change them for each holiday that comes your way. Ensure you get high-quality pushpins that can withstand the weight of your lights for the best results.

5. Wire Suckers

It's also possible to use hooked wire suckers for hanging your ceiling string lights. These suction cups you can set on windows work well for hanging decorative lights for various occasions.

They also provide longevity and are suitable for indoor settings with various other components. Wire suckers are available in multiple styles and can be customized to suit different light-hanging applications.

6. Wrap Around Banisters

There is no denying that banisters look good in any indoor setting. They complement all other items in your space and help make a good impression of your taste for the finer things in life.

While banisters are functional items, they still provide the perfect opportunity for hanging your twinkling string lights. They are also durable and sit at the perfect height for people that have kids or pets. 

There are various hanging fairy lights without using hangnails. It can be adhesive clips or even tape. Regardless of your option, ensure you know its benefits and drawbacks for the best results. Each method above is still reliable when used correctly.

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