How to Put Fairy String Lights on A Tree: 3 Creative Styles

If you are looking to add a bit of warmth and charm to your outdoor space but are also on a budget, try lighting up some of your backyard trees with string lights. You can inexpensively create a cozy outdoor space with twinkling lights adorning your trees.

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By using some creative ideas, you can highlight specific areas and elevate the overall look of your space—and that is exactly what this guide will explore: 3 unique ways to style your string lights on a tree.

Style 1: Wrapping Trees with Fairy Lights

Let’s start with a classic and one of our favorites: wrapping the tree from trunk to branches with fairy lights. It's the perfect way to add a cozy and warm atmosphere to your outdoor space. Let’s take a look at the steps you can take to achieve this look:

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The Supplies You Will Need

Before you begin hanging your outdoor fairy lights, there are a few items that you will want to grab. Check it out:

1. Test Your Lights & Start at the Base

Before you start hanging your lights, it's a good idea to test them first. By plugging them into a working outlet, you can quickly determine whether they are in good working condition or not. Once you've confirmed that they're working, you can begin wrapping the lights around your tree. Make sure to secure the starting point of the light strand at the base of the tree and connect it to the power source.

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2. Have Someone Assist You on the Ladder

While you are climbing the ladder to hang your lights, it is essential that you ask someone to assist you. With someone by your side, holding the ladder, you can ensure that you are stable and will not fall while hanging your fairy lights.

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3. Wrap the Lights Gently Around the Base

Space the lights evenly and ensure they are tightly but gently wrapped around the tree trunk. You can create an even spacing by placing 3-4 fingers between each strand. Also, remember that if the wires are tight around the tree, you will have better luck keeping them in place.

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4. Drape the Lights Over the Branches

Once you have completed step 3 and the base of your tree is covered in lights, you can move on to the branches. Wrap your lights evenly around the bigger and sturdier branches of the tree. Once this is done, it's time for the last step: securing your lights.

5. Secure Your Lights with Clips

Securing your lights is crucial if you want to make sure they last all season. To do this we recommend securing the ends of your strings with clips. These clips hold your lights in place and prevent them from moving, even during a storm!

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Style 2: Adorning the Branches with Curtain Lights

By adorning the branches of a tree with curtain lights you can bring an elegance to your back yard. Your fairy lights can be secured along the branches using zip ties or other methods. This style allows the strands to hang down naturally, giving a beautiful starry night effect.

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Style 3: Covering Shrubs with Net Fairy Lights

One style perfect for smaller trees or shrubs is net fairy lights. These lights lay beautiful across branches, illuminating the space and bringing warmth to the atmosphere. What we like best about this style is that it is easy to set up and can be used to create an atmosphere in your outdoor space. With this style, your tree will look like it's covered in a net occupied by twinkling fairies.

Tips For Choosing the Right Tree

Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect tree for your outdoor space:

  1. Size: For larger outdoor spaces, tall and wide trees work well, while smaller trees are better suited for more compact areas.
  2. Location: Consider the tree's location in relation to power sources, as this will help determine the type of lights you can use.
  3. Health: Choose a tree with strong branches that can support the light's weight and ensure it's healthy and free from damage or disease.

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Tips For Choosing the Right Outdoor Fairy Lights

When selecting outdoor fairy lights, you can prioritize weatherproofing to ensure they can withstand exposure to the elements. Choose lights that complement the tree's surroundings and the overall aesthetic you wish to achieve.

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Additionally, consider the power source, whether battery-operated, plug-in, or solar-powered, based on your preferences and the availability of power sources in your outdoor space.

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