Patio Design Ideas and Makeovers from Ollny

The patio is one of the most flexible areas in a home. You can use it as an outdoor dining area, a breakfast nook, or a lounge. But it is also one of the most neglected spaces since its livability and aesthetics are often not maximized.

A little attention can go a long way in making this space more inviting, stylish, and enjoyable. Whether your patio needs a total overhaul or just a few finishing touches, these ideas will help change your patio from a place that you don’t use much to a space that you and your family will enjoy basking in.

Here are some ideas to give your patio an instant makeover.

Add Plants

Adding plants to your patio is a great way to improve your outdoor space. They add beauty and color to an otherwise ordinary patio. Plants can also improve air quality, making the space a more pleasant place to spend time in. 

When adding plants, there are many to choose from based on your taste and needs. If your patio receives a lot of sunlight, you can add flowering plants in each corner for a more lively ambiance and cohesive look. If you don't have a lot of space, consider using small plants or vines that can grow on a trellis or along your fence. 

Add Lights

Patio lighting is a great way to enjoy your outdoor area even when the sun goes down. If you love string lights, you can either go for outdoor solar fairy lights or outdoor globe lights.

If you think string lights are much too delicate for outdoor use, that isn’t necessarily true. Decorative lighting company Ollny’s globe lights and solar garden fairy lights have features that make them perfect for gardens, patios, and backyards:

  • Ollny globe lights are IP44 waterproof while the fairy lights are IP67 waterproof.
  • The wires on Ollny’s solar string lights are made of durable and malleable thick copper wire that’s further protected by environmentally friendly PVC (polyvinyl chloride).
  • The LED lights are energy-saving but still emit bright light.
  • The solar-powered fairy lights are remote control solar lights, conveniently letting you turn them on and off without having to step outside.

Patio lighting like twinkle solar lights and globe lights make any space look more inviting. You’ll find different kinds and colors at Ollny.

Add an Outdoor Kitchen and Bar

Installing an outdoor kitchen and bar is a great way to entertain guests and get more use out of your patio. You can use different materials to create eye-catching textured combinations for your bar or kitchen. 

Depending on your preferred aesthetics, you can get creative with pallets, galvanized steel, wood, resin, and different colored stone. You can make it as elaborate or as simple as you like and even DIY it with cement blocks and wooden boards.

Add a Fireplace

Do you love cozy evenings by the fire? Make your patio cozier and warmer by adding a fireplace. Place cozy couches or lounge chairs with colorful pillows around it to encourage your family and guests to linger there. This will be a particularly welcome addition on chilly nights when you want to spend a little more time outdoors. 

Installing a fireplace doesn’t have to be a major renovation either. You can get a pre-made fireplace or build your own firepit. 

Imagine sitting back and relaxing by the fire’s warmth and dancing flames. Could anything be more perfect and relaxing? 

Give That Patio a Makeover Now

As you can see, there are many ways to give your patio a makeover. Adding plants, lights, outdoor kitchens or bars, and fireplaces can transform your ordinary patio into a charming and cozy sanctuary. 

We hope that these ideas provide you with the inspiration you need to make the most of your patio this spring and summer. 

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