Sun For Your Soul and Your Solar Lights

Guess what? The benefits of spending time in nature are massive for mental and physical wellbeing! Why travel afar when nature can actually begin right at your front, side, or back door.

If you have a pleasant outdoor space, you and your family would be more likely to spend time there. So, let's get Ollny Outdoor String Lights up in the open air, and begin to style your social entertaining areas.

We offer variety, so I’m sure you’ll find plenty to love with us. Are you looking for outdoor LED solar powered string or fairy lights, hanging patio multi-colored lights, decorative, waterproof and in a variety of shapes, styles, lengths and colors? Well, with us you're in excellent hands!

We continue to share lots of exciting outdoor string lights ideas, covering all decorating occasions. Ollny has birthday party outdoor string lights, wedding celebration twinkle fairy solar lights, hanging chaser lights for raves and festivals, ceiling, wall, LED garden and patio lights, styles for baby showers and or gender reveal parties, block parties and for barbeques, to name only a few.

Have your home and garden ready for spring and summer with LED, safe and reliable, Outdoor String Lights.
1. PatioOllny Curtain Lights in Warm White

    Not just for curtains – they are excellent for a shed or summer house, making you feel cozy and relaxed inside. Transform a backyard pergola, gazebo or man/woman cave that you’ve always wanted to design. Let’s just do it!

    2. PorchOllny Solar String Lights in Multi-color

      Like the colors of the rainbow, cheer things up with Ollny Solar String Lights featuring transparent, clear wiring, allowing awesome colors to move and glide around your deck pots, porch beams or entrance way.

      3. FenceOllny Solar String Lights in Warm White
        Fences made of dark wood, or areas near vegetation may benefit from string-lights with dark green wires. That choice is available to you. The warm-white light enhances the ambiance in gardens, from barbecues, to children parties and family get-togethers, making them all the more charming, enjoyable and memorable.
        You could place your outdoor solar fence lights around your garden features such as rockeries or solar water fountains. Water around your lights? No need to worry, as Ollny’s outside string lights are IP67 waterproof. 

        4. EavesOllny Solar String Lights in Warm White

          Outdoor solar string lights also work perfectly under the eaves. The best part? It's easy to hang them when you have good quality, robust wiring, as you’ll get with Ollny.

          Outdoor LED Lights are for pool parties, garden games, outside movie nights, or simply relaxing. Get your home and garden ready for the spring and summer season. 

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