The Ultimate Guide to The Perfect Wedding Lights

For wedding decoration ideas, the lighting you choose can greatly enhance the ambiance. This is a quick guide to help you pick the perfect type. 

A Glowing Celebration

Never underestimate the impact of outdoor led fairy lighting on an events atmosphere, especially a wedding. Lighting is arguably the most important factor in setting the tone of a once in a lifetime event. Flowers and cakes may try to take the spotlight, but the lighting element always ends up stealing the show.

If you’re unsure where to start, or just need some inspiration for wonderful lighting that matches your wedding style, this wedding lighting guide from Ollny will help you every step of the way.

1. Festoon Lights

Whilst fairy lights give a soft twinkle, festoon lights add a brighter pop style to your space. Festoons are a very overlooked outdoor string lights option that not many people know about. They can easily give an outdoor space a warm, summery, bohemian aesthetic.

The best thing about festoons is they take minimal styling, simply hang them high and drape them at different heights and lengths for a full set of gorgeousness above you and your guests!

2. Canopy Lights

These canopy string outdoor led lights make it super easy to create different vibes in all of their variations. Whether it’s classic, modern, romantic, rustic, or vintage, they can be the perfect touch alongside your other wedding decorations.

They’ll blend right in with all the fireflies dancing through the night. Ollny 800 warm white string lights hung up in the canopy can bring a sense of magic to any gathering. These outdoor string lights will provide the prefect background for your guests pictures.

3. Neon Lights

Arguably one of the biggest trends in weddings over the recent few years, these luminescent signs are well loved. You can inquire about custom orders, quotes, or lyrics that might be meaningful to display above your wedding decorations.

These signs do so much to spotlight certain tables or specific areas within your event location. Chic lettering that highlights something special to you is an eye-catching wedding decoration that all your guests will love.

4. Candle Lights

Candles really do add so much to a wedding day. They set the ambience just right and give off a homey, intimate glow alongside your other wedding decorations. Line your aisle from start to finish for a real wow factor.

Stylish candles with a pretty glow work perfectly for photos! You could use battery powered candles if you’re worried about the fire factor. Or, you could use citronella candles to ward off pesky mosquitos.

5. Uplighting

Just as LED string lights are to outdoor ambiance, uplighting is to indoor ambiance. This is essentially lighting that comes from strategically-placed light casting units around the perimeter of the room. It bathes the stage in prismatic color that lasts throughout the night.

This is perfect for a dance floor where the shade of lighting can set the perfect mood. Different colors can evoke different feelings. For example, blue is calming, pink is for love, and green is refreshing. Pick a shade that matches the theme and how you want guests to feel.

Wedding Decorations

When looking for wedding decor ideas there are so many incredible options. However, it can be tricky to choose, especially when led lights for outdoor can make such a big difference. Don’t fret! We hope that this guide will help you pick the perfect wedding lighting for your big day.

Go with your gut and have fun. No matter what you ultimately decide, make sure they suit your style & add something special to your big day!

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