Outdoor IP67 Waterproof Solar String Lights for Patio/Yard
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Unique Selling Points
IP67 Waterproof Test
Ollny's solar string lights are IP67 Waterproof.

In the waterproof test, we put the new solar string lights into the water, and we can see that it can work normally in water through the waterproof video. So it is no problem to use it outdoors in rainy, windy or snowy days.

(IP67: It means 100% protected against solid objects like dust and sand, and it has been tested to work for at least 30 minutes while under 15cm to 1m of water.)
More Durable and Shapeable Wire
In addition to being waterproof, the wires of the Ollny solar string lights are also more durable and more shapeable.

The wire of Ollny's solar light string is made of thicker copper wire and wrapped with a layer of environmentally friendly PVC material, which keeps the copper wire shapeable and improves the durability of the wire.

Therefore, you can bend the light string arbitrarily in the process of outdoor decoration, without worrying that it will be damaged when hanging for a long time.
Bright and Energy-Saving
Ollny's new solar outdoor string lights adopts an upgraded larger light-emitting chip design, which is bright and energy-saving.

It's always brighter from full to low power, so your garden decor will always look stunning at night.

Due to higher light control settings, it can still work normally when illuminated by car lights / street lights / lawn lights at night.
Fast Charging & Long Working Time
Ollny's new solar outdoor string lights feature an upgraded solar panel and lithium battery design.

We use a 4.5" x 3.7" solar panel, which is larger than other solar panels and converts more solar energy in less time, keeping your solar string full of electricity every day.

And we use 3.7V1200mAh lithium battery for power storage, which has a larger capacity to ensure that the solar light string works for a longer time, and adopts a charge and discharge chip protection to make the battery life longer.

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