4 Best Places to Hang Patio Lights

Hanging patio lights can be one of the best ways to make your space both appealing and ambient at the same time. These led string lights can instantly make your summer moments spent outdoors exceptional.

However, there is more hanging these types of lights correctly than the average person might expect. You must first consider the best places to hang these outdoor led lights for the best results. Fortunately, this guide identifies all you might need about party and patio lights hanging. Let us begin.

1. Hang Patio Lights in Your Backyard

The backyard is one of the best places to hang your patio lights. Why? It's because the backyard is the traditional place where people are used to spending personal and quality moments together. Hanging your patio lights in such settings can be a great way to make moments spent outdoors memorable.
Ollny has patio lights named G40 that have the ETL listed and IP45 waterproof rating. It means they can withstand exposure to weather elements like the wind, rain, sun and extreme temperatures.

The Ollny G40 lights are the specific lights we recommend for this process. You can also hang these party and patio lights in almost any setting of your backyard, and they also blend well with your outdoor décor.

2. Consider Installing Them around Your Swimming Pool

The summer moments are meant to be spent outdoors, having fun with the people you love. One of the best places to enjoy these moments would be close to a body of water; a swimming pool is an excellent example.

You can improve the moments spent at the swimming pool by installing patio lights above your set-up. Remember that many families like spending time outdoors, so you might need to set up many lights for this purpose. The Ollny G40 lights complement the swimming pool's ambience.

3. What about Hanging Them in Your Garden?

An outdoor garden is also exceptional for spending the best quality time outdoors. It's outstanding because the presence of plant life and the ambience of the summer months are often memorable. One way to make your outdoor garden more appealing is to set up patio lights in your set-up strategically.

Unlike traditional incandescent lights, Ollny LED string lights provide various functionality benefits. For instance, they are exceptional energy savers, with these units cutting down on up to 90% of energy consumption.

What does this mean? You can set up more outdoor led lights in your garden for more ambience and appeal. And it's an easy process when you have an informed technique. The S14 lights are an excellent recommendation for setting up outdoor lights.

4. Add The Patio Lights to The Outdoor Dining Area

Have you ever come across yard lights? If not, You miss out on a lot of social appeal when making outdoor space! These yard lights have various functions that make them perfect for setting up an outdoor dining area. For instance, they feature an in-built hanging rink above each socket. This makes it easy to hang from locations like the room in just a few minutes. The Ollny S14 Lights are perfect for this process. They allow you to connect lights end to end, with as many as 25 light strands connected for optimal illumination.

While patio lights are exceptional, using them requires an informed approach. You must always ensure your patio lights are compatible in size with your space. We recommend you measure your backyard, deck or patio before setting up your lights. The Ollny Patio Lights are an excellent suggestion for this process.

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