6 Cool Backyard Lighting Ideas for Magical Decors

Setting up outdoor led lighting helps impart value to your outdoor space in various ways. For one, it helps give warmth to your whole yard, and for another, it helps make a good impression on anyone who visits.

However, it can be challenging to develop these ideas, especially if you are new to lighting ideas. Fortunately, we have compiled these six cool backyard lighting ideas to get you started:

1. Wrap String Lights along the Pergola Ceiling

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While a pergola is meant to be an outdoor feature, it still serves various other vital roles, and backyard lighting is no exception.

Wrapping outdoor string lights along the pergola can be an exceptional technique for lighting your backyard. These warm led string lights help create a magical atmosphere perfect for outdoor activities. However, ensure you set the lights strategically and use the 800 LED 262t Warm White Lights.

2. Create a Pergola Waterfall with Curtain Lights

credit by @livingonthecrescent

We also thought it would be creative if you could create a pergola waterfall using curtain lights. Why do we recommend this?

Well, curtain lights are famous for providing a high-quality ambiance, ease of use, and standing out. They also offer a romantic feel to your outdoors, making it ideal for events like parties. The led fairy lights also help add a touch of magic that will resonate throughout your event. We recommend you try out Ollny Curtain Lights for this process.

3. Add Net Lights on the Wall

credit by @scandi_uk

The other technique you can try is to add net lights on the wall. It's a unique technique because not many people have tried this method.

Net outdoor led lights are unique because they look stunning and blend well with various decors in your space. You will get the best out of net lights by installing them as a set on your wall as a backdrop. Try and also pick net lights from the Ollny brand for the best results.

4. Brighten Outdoor Dining Table with S14 Patio Lights

Using resources like patio lights, you can take things further by making your dining area unique. These lights help create a cozy atmosphere, perfect for those dinner nights spent with the people you love.

The party and patio lights are perfect for the summer season, where you can also complement them with the natural ambience of the stars. The S14 lights are an excellent recommendation for your lighting needs.

5. Set a Canopy with Curtain Lights

credit by @our_sandstone_home

Do you have a large canopy? Are you wondering what you can do with it for decorative purposes? Well, we recommend you add curtain lights to this setting.
Why? Curtain lights are appealing and can take up a large surface area in your space. The key to success in using these outdoor string lights is to correctly hang them on your patio or above the dining table. The Ollny curtain lights are excellent for this project.

6. Fill the Borders with String Lights

credit by @elkasrufford48

Remember to fill the borders in your outdoor setting using string lights. Doing this will greatly impact your attention to detail and respect for your peers.

While filling the borders using the outdoor led lights may take some time, it's possible. And the results will be exceptional because led fairy lights are unique. Ollny has 500LED 164ft Warm White Christmas Lights that are perfect for this process.

The list of options when buying lights is immense, which can sometimes make things confusing. Ollny brand offers a variety of options to pick lights that best suit your needs based on specific factors. These include the budget, style and décor your prefer. Try them out today.

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