5 Awesome Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Your Backyard


Outdoor lights are the perfect way to create a warm and cozy ambience in your outdoor space, as well as be a practical and important solution to being able to enjoy the outdoors even when the sun goes down and it gets dark. No matter what kind of outdoor area you have, be it a terrace, patio, balcony or garden, there are lots of ways to use outdoor string lights to create an inviting space that you won’t be able to wait to show off to friends and family, as well as make use of yourself. In this blog post we are going to look at a few different outdoor lighting ideas that you can implement in your own space, so read on to find out more.

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String Lights for Fences

Ollny’s outdoor string lights are the perfect way to decorate your fences and create a glow that not only looks pretty, but is functional too. They are waterproof and great for creating a subtle yet effective light show that, depending on the color you choose, can be warm and inviting and hung up however you want them to be hung. LED string lights are great because, depending on the type of fence you have, you may not even need any tools to hang them. Try wrapping them around fence panels, or on a larger fence use a hammer and nails to hang them in whatever way you want to.

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Patio Lights for a Deck

Patio string lights are a great way to create a cozy ambience to any outdoor patio setting, and the best thing about them is they are completely versatile, with a number of different types and hanging options available to make your space completely unique. From elevating a cozy patio seating area with warm lights to adding some that are bright and colorful, the options are endless. Ollny patio lights are waterproof and come in a variety of different styles. You can hang them around trees or poles that surround your patio, or even install some poles. From twinkling lights above your head to ones that run the perimeter of your patio, they are a great way to elevate your space.

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Rope Lights for a Path

Rope lights are the perfect way to add a soft glow to your walkway, running the length of the path and creating an inviting and warm atmosphere. Whether your path leads somewhere that you need to get to when it is dark, or if you just want to be able to admire the beauty that rope lights down a path can create, there are lots of types to do it with. Ollny rope lights come in different colors, and can be easily installed either wrapped or hung along fence poles or along the floor.

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Curtain Lights for the Gazebo

If you have a gazebo outside, hanging curtain lights is a great way to create a warm and stunning atmosphere. Perfect for covering large areas, Ollny LED curtain lights are versatile and can be bought in a warm or cool light color, so you can choose what kind of atmosphere you want to achieve from the space. They can be hung from the top of a gazebo using nails, or wrapped around posts for an extra glowy look.

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Cluster Lights on the Tree

If you have trees in your outside space, outdoor cluster lights are the perfect way to add some style and beauty to them. Either wrap them around the trunk or branches, or hang them off to achieve a falling light look. No matter how you style them, you will find that you create a mesmerizing and stunning look with ease.

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Ollny lights are the perfect ones to use when decorating your outdoor space. With so many styles and color options to choose from, you can use them to decorate and light up your outside space however you fancy, knowing they come from a brand you can trust.

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