Cluster Lights: An A-to-Z Guide on How to Hang Cluster Lights on Trees

String lights are now taking the world by storm, as many people choose them as a method to decorate and light their outdoor spaces. And who can blame them? It enough to see one backyard decorated with string lights to know why people choose them.

String lights make any backyard more beautiful and inviting. Among all the different string lights, cluster lights have their own beauty. Cluster lights can truly transform your outdoor space into something magical. In this blog, we will show you how to hang outdooe cluster lights on trees!

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Tools Needed to Hang Cluster Lights on a Tree

First, you need to collect all the tools and materials needed. To hang LED cluster lights on a tree, you will need the following equipment:

  1. Cluster Lights: The first thing, of course, is to buy the cluster string lights. Be careful and try to buy high-quality warm white LED cluster lights suitable for outdoor use. Also, you need to ensure that the lights are long enough to cover the targeted tree properly.
  1. Extension Cords: If you have a power source that's close to the tree, you might not need extension cords. However, if there is a distance, then you are going to need an extension cord. Measure the distance to decide the length you will need.
  1. Ladder: You need a ladder that can reach the highest branches. Also, for your safety, make sure that it's strong enough.
  1. Zip Ties or Twist Ties: Some lights come with built-in hooks that you can use to hang the cluster lights on the tree. But if it doesn't has hooks, don't worry; zip ties will do the job just fine.

How to Hang Cluster Lights on a Tree

Now that we've assembled all the tools we need, it's time to get to the fun part. To hang cluster string lights on your tree, follow the steps below.

1. Test the Lights

Before you start working, you need to ensure that all the lights are working perfectly and that there is no issue. You don't want to go to the trouble of hanging them, only to find out that some of them are not working!

2. Plan Your Layout

The next thing you need to do is choose the pattern on which you want to hang the cluster lights. Do you want to hang them randomly? Or maybe you prefer to follow a specific pattern. It's really up to you. But here's a little hint: if you want an even distribution, you can start by wrapping the trunk and then going outward from there. 

3. Start at the Bottom

Start with the lower branches, then go upwards. Use the ladder to reach higher branches. 

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4. Attach the Lights

Like I mentioned earlier, some lights come with built-in hooks; if that's the case, then you are spared some extra work. Simply use the hooks to attach the cluster lights. If the lights don't come with hooks, then you can use outdoor hooks to hang them, and for additional security, use the zip ties to hold the cluster lights in place firmly.  

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5. Spread the Lights Evenly

I told you that you could choose the pattern that you desired. But, in my opinion, spreading the cluster lights evenly is more attractive, not to mention that this way the light distribution would also be even. 

6. Plug In and Enjoy

Now that all the cluster LED lights are securely set in their places, just plug them in and enjoy as the magic unfolds!


Hanging cluster lights on trees is an easy DIY project. All you need to do is collect your tools, test the lights, plan the layout, attach the lights, and then plug them in! 

To decorate your tree with cluster lights, I recommend that you check out Ollny’s LED cluster lights. They are easy to install, versatile (each cluster has eight modes), durable, and waterproof; in other words, they have all you need.

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