5 Easy Home Decor Ideas that Will Make Your Home Look Amazing

Summer is here, and this season of transformation means that it’s time to reassess your home decor. The season calls for new splashes of color, such as lighter hues, to give your interiors a cooler vibe. You can embrace bold colors as room accents and allow natural light to give your home that summer vacation atmosphere.

We’ve compiled five simple summer home transformation ideas that will not take up too much of your time or budget.

1. Upgrade Your Space with Small Improvements

You do not need to undertake a complete makeover to revamp a room for the summer. Even the tiniest changes can make a huge difference.

One great example is switching out room accents such as drawer pulls. Repainting or replacing them with a new style can refresh the entire room’s aesthetic.

You can integrate new colors or designs with your curtains and throw pillow covers, or add small decorative items such as baskets and bowls made of natural fibers and weaves. 

2. Swap Up Your Wall Art

Changing out your wall decor for the summer will undoubtedly refresh your interiors. Mix up your displays with new art, or just shift their placements to add interest to the space.

You can use your collection of albums or magazines to add to your wall art gallery!

3. Add Sheers to Your Curtains

Adding sheers to your curtains will allow a ton of summer light to enter the room, giving it the brightness and breeze you need for the season. White sheers will bring in the most light, but you can use any pastel color to give your room a soft, comfortable vibe.

For example, light blue sheers can give your white-painted walls the feel of a summer pool in the daytime. Pale yellow will emulate the sunshine and give your room the summer atmosphere you are aiming for.

4. Rearrange Your Furniture

Rearranging furniture can instantly give your interiors a different focus and mood. If you want a relaxed vibe and for the room to exude calm energy, add some linen pillows to your chairs, sofa, or bed.

You can also move around or remove larger pieces of furniture such as tables and couches so you can have floor space for fun summer gatherings. Switch them out for soft rugs and big pillows so you and your family and friends can sit on the floor and play board games as you while away warm evenings.

5. Add Lighting

Changing up your lighting can give your interiors a summer island vibe. You can install LED string lights and LED ceiling lights all over your interiors and exteriors, such as your foyer, living room, or even among your greenery and the edges of your patio roofing, giving them a more festive atmosphere. Bedroom LED lights can make your space feel extra cozy and whimsical in the evenings. 

A Well-Decorated Home Will Change Your Life

Redecorating your home for the summer doesn’t have to be dramatic or expensive. You can change up small elements to create a fun summer atmosphere that you and your family can enjoy.

Small projects like decluttering, reorganizing, and revamping your home will go a long way in sparking joy.

For more decorating ideas and simple home improvement projects, visit our blog!

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