Ollny String Lights Buying Guide For This Summer

Lighting To Enhance Your Summer Fun. Whether you spend the most of your time on the patio, in the garden, or around the pool, we’ll help inspire the perfect lighting design using LED Christmas lights.

You’ll easily be able to capture and line the modern edge of your pool or the organic shapes of your thriving garden plants. Let's see how powerful these pretty lights are for enhancing and brightening up an outdoor space.

1. Ollny 200 LEDs Warm White Net Lights(clear cable)

These whimsical outdoor LED lights are super easy to wrap around a fence trellis or amongst a hedge. You can even wrap them around a tree trunk to create a magical glowing forest experience. You’ll really feel like you’re amongst the fairies as you enjoy the glimmer of lights throughout your garden. The clear cord blends in with everything and you’re left with beautiful pops of light.

2. Ollny 800 LEDs Warm White Extra Long String Lights(clear cable)

These extra long LED string lights are the perfect length for draping and creating large entertainment spaces. You can easily create a ceiling and walls by hanging a line as a support for these elegant lights. They’re perfect for outdoor activities and parties like those for a wedding or a summer birthday. The warm glow from these outdoor Christmas lights gives off a romantic vibe that will make any space feel cozy.

3. Ollny 100 LED 49ft Twinkle Star String Lights (Warm White/4 Colors)

These fun lights are in the shape of stars. They are the perfect accessory for Summer. Decorate your space for those warm nights spent stargazing or enjoying fireworks. maybe you’ll even see a shooting star while sitting amongst them.

Decorate chairs, railings, or an overhang with this unique string light. They could even work as the centerpiece of a festive table array, running along the center of a large table filled with friends. They even come in four different colors for variety. These could be the perfect LED ceiling lights to stargaze at any time, even when it’s cloudy out.

4. Ollny 240 LEDs Warm White Solar String Lights(green wire)

These solar Christmas lights are easy to mold to the outlines of your home and make it the centerpiece of the entire town.

In the summertime you’re likely spending a lot of money on running your air conditioning. These cost saving lights are solar powered to save you more energy. During the day they’ll be soaking up the hot summer rays, then glowing brightly at night.

Each bead of light along the line has gradual edges to give a softer glow. The LED solar lights for outdoor have a green wire which easily blends into foliage. Or, you can make a statement by contrasting the green wire against a white wall to spell out words or create summer themed shapes.

Perfect Summer String Lighting

Even though it’s summer, utilizing outdoor Christmas lights for your backyard space creates a perfect ambience for the hot summer nights. Not only are string lights used for lighting but they can also bring life to the things around you. you’ll be surprised just how much enjoyment our quality string lights add to your life.

We hope this article helped you better understand the wide variety of string lights Ollny offers. There are so many different types of lights for any requirement such as solar, different shapes, or wire color. Choose your perfect summer outdoor LED lights at Ollny.

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