5 Tips to Make Your Outdoor Solar LED Lights Last Longer

More people are exploring different types of energy sources not only to save money but to have a more environment-friendly lifestyle. Of all the alternatives, solar power is favored by many people, largely because solar panels and batteries have become more affordable and powerful in recent years.

As a result, solar lights are often preferred for outdoor lighting. Many patios and gardens feature them because they allow homeowners to reduce their carbon footprint and utility bills. Local governments have hopped on the bandwagon by using solar lighting to become less dependent on carbon energy and more reliant on renewable energy sources.

Another reason why solar lights have become so popular is they’re easily available and are cost-effective. Solar light is more durable than other energy alternatives as long as its solar panels and batteries are given proper maintenance and care. If you own solar lights, here are five ways to make them last longer:

Tip 1: Choose the Right Season and the Right Place

Since solar energy primarily relies on light, you need to consider a couple of things before purchasing a solar energy system. You need to think about its suitability to the climate where you live, the amount of sunlight that your area receives, and the place where you intend to place your panels. Solar panels need to receive a lot of light to store energy so weigh these matters carefully beforehand.

Some types of lights — like garden fairy lights — require more energy. You need to make sure that you have enough sunlight to power your outdoor lighting and that the area where you place your panel is exposed to strong sunlight.

Tip 2: Keep Your Solar Lights Clean

A common problem in outdoor lighting is maintenance and cleaning. Solar lights are commonly placed outdoors where they’re exposed to the elements. They accumulate dust, dirt, and all kinds of debris. Without proper maintenance, your lights will be covered in dirt and dust which could accumulate in crevices and sensitive parts of your lighting fixture.

If your panel becomes too dirty, your solar garden fairy lights may not be able to collect sufficient energy from the sun. Homeowners need to clean the panel’s surface frequently to ensure the durability and service life of their outdoor solar fairy lights.

Tip 3: Install Your Solar Lights in an Open Space

Solar lights need to be placed in an open space to receive the maximum amount of light. This will also extend its lifespan and help ensure a full battery charge. If you want to use solar camping string lights in your yard, it’s best to install them in a place that is largely open to the elements where they can receive the most natural light.

Using your solar energy equipment this way reduces the risk that your battery’s storage capacity will wane, and ensures fully-functioning lights throughout the night.

Tip 4: Protect Your Solar Panels From Freezing Temperatures

Even in areas where the climate is tropical or arid, there will be times when the outdoor temperature can be very cold or freezing, particularly during nighttime in arid regions. Fairy outdoor lights do not last long in such conditions. The lack of sunlight can drain your solar energy system’s batteries.

Also, if the conditions are too cold and cause snow and ice to form on your equipment and lights, it could damage its inner workings.

If you live in such an area, turn off the system during the colder months. Remove the batteries and place your solar energy equipment in a dry place.

Tip 5: Turn Them off When Not Needed

This brings us to our last tip: If you continue using your twinkle solar lights or fairy lights even in poor light, your solar lighting system will degrade since it isn’t collecting enough energy for extended use.

If you live in a place where the climate could reach freezing temperatures and periods of sunlight are insufficient, turn the system off and keep it in a dry place where it’s protected from the elements.

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