Solar Lights Are Becoming a Trend, and Here’s Why

I heard in the news recently that some are placing solar powered lights outdoors in the day, to bring them inside at night to replace their ordinary lighting. Is this an extreme method to lessen the cost in electricity pricing? Well, there’s definitely something clever about it; I mean why not tap into the power of solar energy, right!

Ollny has an excellent selection of solar-powered lights. Consider our solar garden fairy lights, solar twinkling lights, and solar camping string lights, among others.

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Our rang of remote controlled solar lights are the alternative to plug-in lights, and there are many advantages to using solar-power lighting.

The Advantages to Using Ollny Solar Powered Lights:
  • 1. It Saves Energy: costing you less because the sun doesn’t send you a monthly bill. Each one of us can do something to benefit the environment.
  • 2. Reliable and Practical: you can always recharge solar lights without having to replace anything, since discarding single-use batteries causes more waste.
  • 3. They Are Durable: You can use them year in and year out, they are long lasting with commercial grade bulbs.

Get your home and garden ready for the summer season with Ollny’s outdoor solar powered lights.

Where to Use Ollny Solar Fairy Lights
There are different types of solar lights, all at various wire lengths that will surely meet your needs. Fairy string lights are great for the garden, patio, verandas, outdoor walls and trees, bushes, around the awning and under the eaves.

Our outdoor decorative solar-powered lights are as you expect, water proof, and they function excellently in the heat of summer.

How To Easily Install Ollny Solar Fairy Lights
  • 1. Tear off the transparent film that covers the solar panel (Most important).

  • 2. Install the solar panel on a wall using screws. Alternatively, you can dig a hole in soil, then attach the solar panel onto the spike and place the spike directly into the soil.
  • 3. Position the solar panel in a location that receives plenty of natural sunlight.


  • 1. The spike is a bonus from Ollny, which helps to secure your panel in soft-ground areas.
  • 2. When inserting the spike into the soil, steer clear of placing it near shade barriers like shrubs or gate panels.
How To Operate Ollny Solar Powered Fairy Lights
Our RF (Radio Frequency) Remote Control is multi-directional within 10 meters, which makes it more responsive than IR (infrared) remote controls, as they must be pointed directly at a receiver.
  • 1. To use the easy to operate RF remote control, press the buttons according to their labels.
  • 2. For using the Solar Panel box, the On/OFF key on the back can be firmly pressed once to turn lights on/ and firmly press again to turn off.

MODE button: Short press to vary the lighting modes (generally 8 modes); long press to set the timer, On For 4H6H8HTIMER OFF.


  • POWER light:
When the battery is charged, the ON/OFF light will come on, but if there is no power charge at all, the ON/OFF light will do nothing when you press it.
  • TIMER light:
When the light is red, it means the timer is set for 4H (four hours)
When the light is green, it means the timer is 6H (six hours)
When the light is blue, it means the timer is 8H (eight hours)
When the light is off, it means that there is no timing set.
How To Prolong The Lifespan of Ollny Outdoor Solar Fairy Lights
  • 1. Protect the button at the back of the panel from extreme weather conditions.
  • 2. Clean the surface of the solar panel frequently in case of insufficient sunlight.
  • 3. Keep the panel at a distance from busy areas to ensure the panel isn’t touched or knocked by accident.

Note: The line of Ollny solar lights (some model) is highly waterproof with IP67, so the way to prolong their live is to protect the solar panel.

Find the many options through the link: (

We hope all of this information has provided you with everything you need to know about our outdoor solar fairy lights. Wherever you want to hang your solar string lights, Ollny can meet your requirements. You can illuminate and decorate your home and garden without incurring additional energy bills, just harvest the sun with Ollny!

If you’re looking for ideas to transform your outdoor space, visit us often. Ollny solar outdoor lights are great for weddings, birthday parties, barbecues, tiki parties, festivals, camping trips, and much much more.

Credit: Ollny Customer

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