6 Uplighting Techniques to Illuminate Your House and Landscape

When the warmer weather approaches, we all want to spend as much time in our outdoor spaces as possible. Outdoor lighting is the perfect way to not only decorate your space, but also illuminate it so you can enjoy it long after the sun goes down. From patio lights to LED rope lights, the options are endless. But how do you go about glowing up your house and landscape? With the right lighting you can create a stunning outdoor space to enjoy during those summer nights. Here are some tips and techniques to help you illuminate your house and landscape, read on to find out more.

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Add string lights to vines

Ollny’s G40 patio lights can be wrapped around outdoor vines to create a warm glowy ambience around nature. The combination of warm lights with the green of the vines makes for a stunning light show in your outdoor space and a cozy ambience.

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Tree lights

In a similar vein to wrapping lights around vines, you can use outdoor string lights to glow up the trees in your outdoor area. Use lights such as the Ollny warm white outdoor string lights to create a twinkling light show around the trees, a spectacular show. Ollny’s outdoor string lights are weatherproof and easy to install, as well as coming with eight different twinkling modes, so you can light up your trees however you fancy.

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Brighten up the houses

Patio lights are the perfect way to illuminate your patio area, and the outside of your house. Ollny’s S14 patio lights are specially designed with a built-in hanging ring above each socket, meaning it is easy to hang from any roof. Additionally, they can be connected end-to-end, so you are able to illuminate your whole house with up to 12 strands of patio string lights.

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Illuminate Your Backyard

What looks more inviting and cozy than a series of outdoor string lights glowing in your backyard? The Ollny ST38 backyard lights are perfect for creating this warm ambience that will have you and your friends and family craving to go out and enjoy them. They are the perfect lights to decorate gardens with, bistros, balconies, terraces, pergolas, gazebos and yards. Simply wrap or hang them around the area you want them, and switch them on to enjoy the atmosphere they create.

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Light up your railings

If you have railings in your outdoor space or around your house, lighting them up using outdoor lights is the perfect way to add some warmth and coziness. Ollny outdoor rope lights are the ideal ones to use on a railing, they are not only IP waterproof rated, but they can block rain effectively and also withstand high winds and heavy snow, so you can enjoy having your LED rope lights up all year round.

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Try Curtain Lights on Outdoor Spaces

Curtain lights are the perfect way to create a magical lit-up area around your house and outdoor space, giving the illusion of sparkling falling lights. Ollny’s LED curtain lights are great to use as they are composed of copper wire and soft rubber, meaning it can be bent into any shape and does not tangle easily. This makes them perfect and versatile for however you want to hang them.

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The addition of lighting to your house and landscape is the perfect way to create a warm and cozy ambience, as well as to be able to enjoy your outdoor area late into the night. With our wide selection of string lights, you will find the perfect fit for your house, no matter what your personal style is! Go ahead and give your landscape a makeover that will have all your friends and family wanting to enjoy, and that you will never want to leave!

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