6 Ways to Decorate a Wedding Arch


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Decorating using arches is a perfect way to add some uniqueness and style to any event, especially a wedding ceremony. Wedding arches are a great addition to your wedding ceremony decorations, and many couples will opt to choose a beautiful and personalized arch for their wedding ceremony. Beautifully decorated arches, no matter how you decide to decorate them, are the perfect spot for a wedding photo, and are guaranteed to captivate and wow your guests. In this article we are going to be looking at six different ways to decorate a wedding arch that will be a great addition to your perfect day.

An Arch of Balloons

Having white balloons is a wedding tradition, and arranging them into an arch is the perfect way to add style and class to your big day. You can opt for a purely white balloon arch, or you could mix it up and add other colours like pastels or silver and gold. No matter what colour scheme you opt for, this outdoor wedding decoration is the perfect addition to your big day.

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Flowers on the Arch

Floral arches are an elegant and beautiful decorative piece, ideal for a wedding ceremony. Large statement floral arrangements made up of carefully matched colours and flower types are guaranteed to give your ceremony the wow factor, and will draw attention from your guests as well as being stunning to look at throughout the day.

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Lights on the Arch

Wedding fairy lights are the perfect way to create a cozy and mesmerizing ambience in any room or outdoor space, so adding them to an arch is the perfect way to set the mood on your wedding day. Imagine enjoying your wedding meal accompanied by the twinkling of lights around you. What could be more perfect on your special day? If you are looking for the perfect wedding string lights, take a look at those from Ollny.

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Wedding Arbor with Wood Arches

Wood is the perfect material for crafting a beautiful wedding arch. It is robust and adaptable and can be decorated in any way you want to, both for indoor and outdoor wedding decorations. Surround it with flowers or ribbons or even lights and enjoy the statement piece of wedding decoration you have created all throughout your big day.

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Use Fabric to Decorate the Arch

A fabric arch is a timeless piece of wedding ceremony decoration, and can be adapted by color or material type to make one that suits your wedding color scheme and personal taste. Whether you are planning a wedding in the banquet hall or a Pavilion, you can’t go wrong with a beautiful fabric arch on your wedding day.

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Greenery and Plant Arches

Add a touch of nature to your wedding day decorations with an eye-catching arch display of greenery and trailing plants. Eucalyptus and Ivy are beautiful plants to use on a wedding arch, not only providing the perfect backdrop for wedding pictures, but adding a touch of elegance to your wedding ceremony decorations too.

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Imagine saying ‘I do’ under a stunningly decorated arch blooming with lights, beautiful fabric, balloons or even greenery and plants. Romantic and elegant right? No matter how you choose to decorate the arch, incorporating them into your wedding ceremony decorations will create a stunning and mesmerizing backdrop for everyone at the wedding to enjoy. If you want to buy wedding lights to decorate your arch for your big day, go check Ollny now.

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