5 Amazing Ways to Style Your Decorative Curtain Lights

Welcome to the season of sharing. Ollny would like to share with you our fan-favorite, LED Curtain Lights ideas!

Our customers have been going bananas! They love our durable and trustworthy LED Curtain Lights. We’ve seen their creations; a wide range of displays and atmospheres, from the quirky to the exquisite, from the charming to the Oh la la alluring.  

Ollny’s team truly wish to show you everything we’ve seen, and had a difficult time narrowing down the reveals. However, don't worry, we've got FIVE fantastic curtain-lighting selections for you today!

Credit: Ollny Customer

All of these were created with Ollny’s decorative lights, and you will see what I mean when I say, “They are Not only for Christmas.” The creativity is so astounding.

1. Children's Room

Looking for a method to decorate the children's room, particularly the area where they keep their mementos, souvenirs, hairbands, and other trinkets? Well, this lovely concept certainly makes those items a joy to see.

Recreate the magic by hanging our lights behind Mickey's headwear! You can try this shared concept by placing Ollny lights amongst baseball caps, coat hooks, wall jewelry holders, mounted CD cases, as well as blinging-up your wine rack!

Credit: Ollny Customer

2. Windows

Festive Christmas elements really POP when illuminated. Check out these window stickers, snowflakes and Ollny 200 LED Fairy Curtain Lights.

Ollny's fairy curtain lights with Remote Control Switch 8 Modes, Adjust Brightness (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) and 1 Timer Modes - Automatically turn on when you need it or off.

Our innovative, translucent wires make a significant difference in window presentation. They feature various operational modes, brightness levels, and various lengths to meet your need.  

Credit: Ollny Customer

3. Murals or Posters

Look how remarkable this ocean scene is. Ollny is ecstatic to see a seascape mural and ornamental lights. The creator of this truly thought outside of the box.

An IP44 rating means that your product will be protected from solid particles that are over 1mm in size and from low velocity sprays of water from every direction. So this curtain string lights can be safely hung in pergolas and gazebos.

By putting lights in front of any arrangement of artwork, murals, posters, framed prints (even cave paintings ) can certainly bring them to life! Can you imagine?

Credit: Ollny Customer

4.  Sectional Curtain

Making a decoration for the sectional curtain. Now, this idea could include corners, stairways, door entrances, room dividers, patios, gazebos, tiki huts, balconies, etc.

Whatever screening you may use to limit the line of sight, adding curtain lights can transform the monotony of the screen, and fashion a warm and pleasant situation. Give it a try.

Credit: Ollny Customer

5. Bedroom Walls

A lovely combination of green foliage and flowers with Ollny string lights creates a dreamlike setting. As you can see, a plain wall was transformed into something exquisite, complete with a bedroom to die for. 

Credit: Ollny Customer

Lights, flowers and leaves are also great for decorating  weddings, engagement or anniversary parties, Bar mitzvahs, Bat mitzvahs, sweet-sixteens, gender reveals, baby showers, or just because you’re extra! You can easily replicate this idea and feel pleased of your handiwork.

Elevate your wedding or yard ambiance with our stunning curtain light that boasts an impressively long length(19.7FT*9.8FT), 8 modes, and IP44 Waterproof.

Credit: Ollny Customer

So give any of these Ollny Curtain Lights ideas a try. Be inspired, and keep inspiring us! We'd love to hear from you and see more amazing photos of our lights in action. You can find Ollny’s Curtain Lights here.

Do you have any suggestions for topics you'd like to see us cover? Feel free to let us know anytime; we'll keep the lights turned on for you.

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