Diy a Five-pointed Star Chandelier

Hello there, lovely people. Today I'll teach you how to make a Christmas decoration five-point star. I will look so much like a beautifully, lit chandelier, you’d be surprised! You’d recognize a few similar steps from the previous project, ‘How to DIY a Five-pointed Shooting Star Display’, but we’ve scaled this project down a little. Rest assured, it’s still a stunner.

Shall we begin?
How to DIY a chandelier with Ollny Fairy LED Lights, and a five-point Christmas star
Approximate time needed: 30 Minutes

Items You Will Need:

  • 1. With the thick wire, begin by making a 5-point star. Refer to this excellent YouTube video for a step-by-step demonstration of the most effective and efficient approach. ( Once you've finished your star, make sure it’s properly closed by twisting the open ends together with your pliers.

  • 2. Take out your Ollny 100 LED Fairy lights but keep it nicely folded in a ball. Using one of the stars, began to wrap the end of the lights around the star.

  • 3. Hang your Five-pointed star Christmas décor with the fishing line. And turn on your lights!

Isn't it lovely how the lights come to life and dazzle so wonderfully?

Don’t be afraid to attempt this DIY project, it’s fun and turns out fantastic results. And from December 1st through December 24th all of Ollny products will be 15% off! So you could really got to town! Have a try and let us know how all of your projects go. We love seeing our customers' creations!

👉Ollny 100 LEDs Christmas Fairy Light (SY00035)


Happy Holidays everyone!

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