Icicle and Snowflake Cascade Display over Your Christmas Tree

A perfect way to celebrate the season is to make a snowflake and icicle cascade with Ollny 200 LED Fairy String Lights.

Each snowflake is unique; no two are the same. And many of us, just as snowflakes, strive to be distinct and original. We love that about our customers! We feel that this Christmas decoration idea will keep you right in that standing.

Have you ever seen wonderful flurries and sparkling icicles cascading down over a fabulous Christmas tree? We didn't think so! But we can create this marvelous Christmas display with only a few steps and a few supplies, in addition to getting the family involved. So, shall we get this party started?

Time Required: 20 minutes

Items You Will Need:

  • 1. Let’s start by take two sticky-back wall hooks and place one on each of the tree's opposing walls, on the right and left sides. The height should be somewhat taller than the top of your gorgeous tree, perhaps 3-4 inches taller.
  • 2.  Securely attach one end of Ollny's String Lights to one side of a wall, and the middle of the strand of lights to an adjacent wall. Now, double back and secure the finishing end slightly below the first, leading the non-bulbed portion towards your socket.

  • 3. Ollny’s 200 LED Fairy String Cool White lights deliver 66 feet of brilliant technology because it features 8 lighting modes and 4 different levels of light brightness, all adjustable with a brilliant remote control. They're made with 100% commercial-grade bulbs and comprise of sturdy transparent wire. They won't overheat and are safe to the touch. Plug your lights into an electrical outlet to get it ready.

  • 4. And here we’ve reached the moment to adorn Ollny’s icicle fairy string lights with your snowflakes and ornament baubles. Everyone has fun doing so. Our lights won’t overheat so you may hang your decorations from the wire line with confidence. Turn on your lights! What a lovely cascade of icicles and snowflakes. Everyone involved should feel very proud.  

All of Ollny's Decorative Lights are currently on discount! From the 1st of December through the 24th of December, all products will be 15% off! After this project, you'll be a master at lighting possibilities, so snap-up additional lighting during the sale because they’re also excellent for weddings, garden parties, children’s bedrooms, birthday parties, romantic settings and more.

We here at Ollny would love to see your final project. Have you completed any of the other fantastic Christmas DIY projects we've shared? Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.

👉Ollny 200 LEDs String Fairy Lights in Cool White (SY00007)


Season’s Greetings Everyone!

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