Hanging String Lights on Deck: Your Complete Guide

The decks in our houses are where we go to enjoy a nice evening, chat, or sit alone and ponder. For that, decorating and lighting your deck properly is important. 

Using string lights for your deck will make it more inviting, warm, and relaxing. Don’t worry! Hanging string lights on your deck is very simple. In this article, we will show you step-by-step how to hang string lights on your deck!

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Choose Where to Place the Lights:

First, before we get into the details of how to install outdoor string lights and patio lights on a deck, let's choose where to place them.

  1. On poles: one of the easiest options is to place the string lights on poles. This is suitable for those who don't have mounting structures.
  2. On the deck wall: Another option favored by many families is to install the exterior patio lights on the deck’s wall.
  1. Around your railings or stairs: here, you place the string lights on the railing or around the stairs. You can also use LED rope lights for this.
  2. Around Trees: If there are trees around your deck, you can use them as anchoring points.
  3. Draped on pergolas or gazebos: if you have a gazebo or a pergola, you can use those structures to mount the patio lights instead of using poles.

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Materials and Tools Needed

To install string lights on your deck, you will need the following materials:

  1. Outdoor string lights.
  2. Extension cords.
  3. Metal hooks and eyes.
  4. Tape measure
  5. Drill
  6. Ladder

How to Install String Lights on Your Deck

 There are five simple steps to adorn your deck with exterior string lights.

1. Choose a space

The first step is to decide where you prefer to hang the string lights. The places that you choose will affect the diffusion of the light on the deck. After choosing the spot, clean the deck well.

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2. Make a plan

In this step, you will take measurements of your deck. According to the space of the deck, you will be able to gauge how many string lights you will need and what lengths will fit your deck better.

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3. Place the poles and mounts

If you have trees, a gazebo, or a pergola around your deck, you can use them as focal points. However, if you don't have any of those, you can insert light poles.

Choose the areas on which you want to insert the light poles. The poles will be the foundation for mounting your string lights.

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4. Install mounting hardware or suspension wire

You can hang the patio lights individually or with hanging wires. Mounting hardwares could be adhesive hooks, brackets, or wall anchors; you can use any of those to mount the string lights directly, or you can use a suspension wire. Suspension wires give extra protection to the string lights by securing them from moving too much when there is wind.

Additional Tip: Make sure that all the materials you buy are suitable for outdoor usage and that they withstand different weather conditions. This includes the suspension wire.

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5. Hang your patio lights

The last step in our project is to connect the outdoor extension cord to a power supply. Use an extension cord that can tolerate moisture, then wrap the connection points with electrical tape. Finally, turn on the lights and enjoy!

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Hanging patio lights on deck is a simple and easy project that anyone can do. Follow the steps that we mentioned, and you will be alright. And if you want to buy outdoor patio lights, then don't hesitate to visit Ollny and choose what you like from our diverse collection.

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