Perfect Outdoor Spaces for Patio & String Lights

Outdoor spaces are places of comfort; they're where we go when we want to relax and breathe some fresh air, enjoy a nice family barbecue, or even host small parties. For that, lighting outdoor spaces properly is crucial. And, when it comes to lighting outdoor spaces, there is nothing more suitable, efficient, and beautiful than string and patio lights. 

In this post, we will show you the perfect outdoor places to hang string lights and the types of string lights that fit each place.

    1. Patio

      Patios are perfect for patio string lights because of their defined space. Installing outdoor string lights on your patio is easy; all you need to do is to identify anchoring point, such as poles, pergolas, and trees; and then use those structures to hang the string lights overhead.

      Patio string lights will give you a cozy and warm ambiance that will turn having family dinner outside into a lovelier experience. 

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        2. Decks 

          Using fairy string lights to illuminate your deck will outline it and create a defined space that feels expansive, as you can see in the image below.

          You can install fairy string lights by using overhead beams. Install small hooks. Or otherwise, you can use adhesive clips to fix the fairy string light in place.

          For me, fairy string lights give a magical feeling that makes reading a novel while drinking a cup of coffee in the evening one of life's pleasures.

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            3. Fences  

              Fences and LED net lights are made for each other. The flat and vertical structure of fences makes them ideal for LED net lights.

              Depending on the fence material, you can use adhesive clips, nails, or hooks to attach and secure the net lights.

              Net lights create a stunning backdrop for celebrations like birthdays and outdoor parties.

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                4. Pathways, walkways, and retaining walls 

                  LED rope lights fit well with pathways, walkways, and retaining walls because they can easily be installed along the edges. 

                  Install rope lights along the edges of your walkway or pathways, as shown in the picture above. As for the retaining wall, you can directly attach the rope lights to it using hooks or clips.

                  Rope lights give a soft glow that would define the pathway and make it more inviting for a calming night stroll. 

                    5. Gazebos or pergolas 

                      One reason why I'm planning to build a gazebo in my backyard is to decorate it with string lights. If you already have a gazebo or pergola (lucky you!), then you have the perfect place to hang string lights. With their overhead structure, gazebos and pergolas provide a good framework to hang string lights.

                      Hang string lights along the crossbeams or the rafters of the pergola or the gazebo. Another option is to wrap them around the posts. 

                      String lights will add a romantic feel to your gazebo, which makes it the perfect place to spend an evening chatting with your loved one. 

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                        6. Archways 

                          An archway is one of the best structures for fairy string lights. Framing the archway with outdoor fairy string lights will make you feel as if you are stumbling into a fantasy. 

                          Use clips to attach the fairy lights to the frame of the archway, or wrap them around the frame and use the clips to hold them in place for a different effect. 

                          Decorating your archway with fairy lights will give them a beautiful glow and turn them into the perfect backdrop for photos during parties and celebrations, not to mention it will mesmerize your guest when they walk through it. 

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                          String lights are versatile and suitable for almost all outdoor spaces. Whether it's the patio, deck, fence, walkway, gazebo, or archway, string lights will surely add to their charm. And, when it comes to string lights, Ollny is the place to go, for it's one of the professional lightning brands trusted by many people.

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