How Many Feet of Christmas Lights for a Tree

During the holiday season, outdoor trees play a central role in setting the stage for your upcoming festive events. By simply adding a string or two of blinking Christmas tree lights to your outdoor trees, you can instantly brighten up your home and bring the holiday season right to your front yard.

In this quick guide, we will be sharing with you everything you need to know about determining the optimal length of twinkling Christmas lights for your outdoor trees. This way, you can ensure you have the perfect length of lights to decorate your space this holiday!

Determining Your Tree’s Measurements

To begin your journey towards a spectacular outdoor display, you'll need to gather some essential measurements before you can make any purchases. Here is a quick breakdown of the measurements you should acquire:

  • Circumference of the Trunk: Start by determining the trunk's circumference. Simply wrap a tape measure around the trunk, ensuring a snug fit.
  • Height of the Trunk: Select the height on the trunk where you intend to begin your decoration and measure it using a tape measure.
  • Number of Branches to Be Decorated: Identify the branches you plan to adorn and make a note of their quantity.
  • Length of Branches to Be Decorated: Choose one of the branches designated for decoration, one that averages in overall size and length. Measure the distance between the base of the chosen branch and the desired decoration point.
  • Circumference of Branches to Be Decorated: Using a tape measure, record the circumference of the selected branches.

Calculating the Ideal Length of Light Strings

Now that you have your measurements, let's put them into practice with an example. Imagine you have a majestic 10-foot-high tree trunk with a 3-foot circumference. Your plan is to elegantly drape five sturdy branches, each measuring 6 feet in length with a 1.5-foot circumference. Typically, the spacing between the string lights wrapped around the trunk or branches is about 3 inches.

Follow these calculation steps to achieve a solid estimated length:

Total Length = (10-foot trunk / 3-inch spacing x 3-foot trunk circumference) + 5 branches x (6-foot branch / 3-inch spacing x 1.5-foot branch circumference)

  • Step 1: 10-foot trunk / 3-inch spacing = 40 wraps around the trunk
  • Step 2: 40 wraps around the trunk x 3-foot trunk circumference = 120 feet of lighting
  • Step 3: 6-foot branch / 3-inch spacing = 24 wraps around each branch
  • Step 4: 24 wraps around each branch x 1.5-foot branch circumference = 36 feet of lighting per branch
  • Step 5: 5 branches * 36 feet of lighting per branch = 180 feet of lighting
  • Step 6: 120 feet of trunk lighting + 180 feet of branch lighting = 300 feet of lighting

So, you'll need approximately 300 feet of lights for the trunk and five branches. For quality lights in both durability and adequate length, consider choosing string lights like the Ollny 1000 LED Warm White Christmas Lights, boasting a length of 330 feet, allowing you to effortlessly illuminate your entire tree with a single set.


And there you have it, everything you need to know about determining the optimal length to light up outdoor Christmas tree. Now, it is time to finally purchase your celebrations led Christmas lights and begin prepping for this year’s festivities.

Head over to Ollny and browse our wide variety of outdoor Christmas lights. We guarantee that you will find the perfect outdoor Christmas tree lights match for your home décor!

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