How to Wrap a Tree with Ollny Christmas Lights

It's easy to enhance your garden's atmosphere by wrapping lights around trees and best being implementing creative outdoor tree-lighting ideas. It’s safe to say it doesn’t feel like Christmas without the flickering trees for your outside Christmas decorations. It's thus simple to improve the ambiance of your outdoor areas in any season by wrapping one or more trees with lights from Ollny. You may add a dramatic flair to your yard at night by hanging outdoor Christmas lights on your trees. They go wonderfully with our other plans for the tree's illumination.

Are you wondering how to make your festive season count? This article will discuss how to wrap a tree with Christmas Lights! It will also cover tips to help you understand how to ensure that wrapping trees with Christmas lights is adequate.

How to Choose the Lights for an Outdoor Tree

Before hanging tree lights outdoors, consider the lights' length, brightness, and waterproof degree. This is essential as it sets a starting point for being well-informed about the types of lights you need and the best way to hang Christmas lights on a tree.

The following will introduce how to calculate the length of the lights.

  • Take a step to measure the circumference and the height of trunk, so do any branches you plan to decorate with lights.
  • Establish the distance between each string, an average spacing is 6" between strings.
  • How long a string has to be can be determined by: Calculate the number of wraps around the tree by multiplying the circumference by the height divided by the distance between wraps.

The simplified calculation with an equation is as follows:

Length of needed lights = (Heights of the trunk/space of each string) *circumference


The trunk:

Height: 15’, circumference: 8’

Five branches:

Length: 6’,  circumference: 3’.

The following equation can help you learn how to wrap a tree with lights:

15’ trunk / 6” string spacing x 8’ circumference = 150’ length of trunk

4’ branch / 6” string spacing x 2’ circumference = 16’ length per branch

Total lighted feet = length of trunk + length of branches =150’ + 5 x 16” =230’

Wrapping Christmas lights around trees, especially with LED microlights, is standard, and the 3-4" bulb spacing is especially popular.

While finding the best lights to wrap around trees, we highly recommend the 800 LED 262ft Warm White Waterproof Christmas String Lights ( Green Wire, Plug in, 8 Modes). In addition to the spacing between each bulb and satisfying length, they are perfect for outdoor use with their IP67 waterproof and super brightness and keep outstanding among those regular string lights.

Additionally, that would also be a nice try to use the 720LED warm icicle lights to create a wonderland. What’s more, they are connectable (at most 3), alleviating the trouble of not having enough plugs.

How to Light an indoor Christmas Tree

The lights hanging from trees helps to brighten up the Christmas tree, and it’s essential to consider the size of your Christmas tree and the brightness you want when you think of the lights. Here is a simple guideline you can follow.

Generally, you need at least 100 bulbs per 1ft of tree, and the form below shows you the number of lights you need to achieve different brightness levels. If you like the basic look, the 800LED Warm lights with green cable are perfect for satisfying most Christmas tree needs.

If your want your tree brighter, try 400 LED 20ft Warm White Christmas Cluster Lights(Green Cable, Plug in, 8 Modes) instead of repeating to wrap the lights.

How to Decorate Bushes and Hedges

Generally, the net lights are the first choice for most users because it’s the fastest and easiest way to decorate your area. However, it’s still essential to make a lot before you do it. You must find the 4 corners and drape them over your bushes and hedges.

  • Measure the length and width of the area to be decorated to choose the right net lights.
  • Make sure your area can be covered within the maximum extension area of the net lights.
  • Consider those connectable ones to reduce multi-plug usage and the higher waterproof.

We recommend 200 LED 9.8ft*6.6ft Warm White IP67 Net Lights (Clear wire, Plug in, 8 Modes), and they meet most of the user’s needs with their connectivity of 3 max, IP67 waterproof, and perfect ductility.

If you use the standard string lights, the following will show you how to wrap.

  • Release the strand carefully in case they get knotted, connecting the plug to a power source near the tree's base.
  • Wrap around the circle by circle, ensuring each line is parallel for a more excellent look.
  • Secure the end of your final string, fasten it to the branch, and your flickering tree is complete.

To properly decorate a Christmas tree, you should count on using 100 lights for every foot of tree height. In that case, you'll need around 600 lights to decorate a tree six feet tall. You can quickly learn from us by giving a little effort and time, where we can teach you how to decorate a real Christmas tree with lights. Hanging xmas lights on a tree provided you with the best positive experience.

However, here are some other essential steps to follow when decorating your trees with Christmas lights:

  • The tree should be conceptually divided into three triangular portions, from top to bottom, around the tree's cone, rather than having the lights wrapped around it like a maypole.
  • Connect the first set of lights to the outlet and position the last bulb in the crook of the tree's trunk. The Christmas tree lights should then be woven in and out of the triangle. Don't tangle the cord by crossing it across on itself. It would help if you carried on in this way with the rest of the triangles. Connect no more than 300 Christmas lights in a straight line from one end to the other connect another pair of lights when you get to the end of the first and weave them back and forth along the baseboard.
  • Relocate your eyes so they can't focus on the tree or squint so hard that the tree disappears from view. Move the lights around to fill in any empty spots on the tree. If you work backward, the lights can be taken down without getting tangled up.

Using hanging Christmas tree lights for seasonal decoration or as a landscape element makes your yard seem beautiful and adds a festive vibe to your home. To ensure that your lights are functioning correctly, you should always plug them in before beginning.

Avoid overloading individual circuits by using green extension cords and power stakes and limiting total circuit loads to no more than 1,400 watts. This would help make the hanging outdoor Christmas lights last longer.


Are you looking for more inspiration to decorate your house or enjoy your Christmas season well? See our Christmas blog here and contact us for more information. You can also follow the tips highlighted on the lights to wrap around trees and enjoy your outside Christmas décor.

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