How to Diy a Fairy- Lights Decorative Lantern

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, we set into motion our creative ideas for making the most loving and heartfelt atmospheres. And, as you will see, using decorative lighting isn’t only for Christmas.

The relaxing glow provided by this DIY concept is both safe and intriguing with Ollny 100 LED Fairy Lights.

People will be pleased and delighted to see harvest fruits, and a warm light illuminating from your decorative lantern that’s covered with lovely fall foliage. Your guests will be dazzled by your Thanksgiving decoration display. Plus, this easy 10-minute activity may be tailored to fit any autumn event or setting.

Items You Will Need:
  • 1. Ollny Fairy Lights
  • 2. A four-cornered lantern box
  • 3. Small pumpkins and dried fruits
  • 4. Fall leaves either real or artificial
Steps to Making a DIY Fairy Light Lantern:
  • 1. Open the lantern; insert half of the string of LED Lights into one section first, adjusting the position of the lighting so that it leans upon the lantern's walls.

  • 2. Arrange the pumpkins, dried fruits, and a couple of leaves inside the lantern as desired. Then include the rest of the fairy string-lights amongst them.   

  • 3. Place the rest of your foliage on top of the lantern box, and set it up onto a table or mantelpiece. Or, if possible, hang the lantern from your ceiling.

  • 4. Extend the wire plug of the fairy lights to a socket; plug it in and your fall fairy-lights lantern is ready to astound.

Did you know that you could easily make the timer function turn these lights on and off automatically? Because Ollny created 3 timer-setting for your ease and delight. So, for example, you can choose to brighten your Thanksgiving lantern automatically, at the same time every day. There are so many options with Ollny Lights.

It really has to be said, LED Lights can be used nearly anywhere, from indoor options to outdoor options, at windows, or on display units, in living rooms or bedrooms, from balconies or along communal hallways. The durability and security of Ollny Lights have been shown to be tried and true.

Get your very own Ollny Fairy Lights, then come back to our website and tell us the best feature that you love!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • This is my FAVORITE idea! I’m planning to use the lights with small, metallic, bottlebrush trees and snowflake window clings. I love your lights!

    Lisa on

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