How to Easily Hang Curtain Lights on Different Curtains

There is no denying that curtain string lights are a surprise for indoor spaces when used correctly. Making your DIY light hanging project is as fulfilling as reading a fast adventure novel.

However, it's simple only when you have the correct information, tips, and techniques. Today, we shall introduce you to evidence-based methods we have used for hanging lights you can use. Let us begin.

1. The one with curtain rings

If you own curtains that have rings, hanging lights on them is a simple procedure. For the best results, you will need resources like Ollny Curtain lights and several metal hanging clips with hook as shown.

Start by picking the area of the curtain where you want to set up the lights. Factors such as the length of the curtain lights are essential. Ollny offers two options including 6.6ft*6.6ft and 9.8ft*9.8ft which fit the length of most curtains.

You can attach the lights by clamping them using the lower clip, and ensure you keep the upper hooks on the ring.

Remember to also fasten the clip correctly on the light and the ring. Doing this will stop the curtain lights from sliding or falling on the sliding structure of your curtain. You can repeat this process for all the sections you want to set the lights.

2. The one with eyelets

Curtains with eyelets are also easy for hanging curtain lights. Again, you will need resources like Ollny Curtain lights and heavy-duty metal hanging clips with hook as shown.

The first step involves hanging the hooks on the eyelets. It's very easy and what you have to do is to hang the upper hooks on the eyelets, keeping one hook per two.

Pinching the hook tightly to prevent the curtain light from falling when pulling the curtain. Generally 10 clips are enough.

Next is to fix the lights using the lower clips. It's also a very simple act by securing the joint of the main wire and drops with clips.

3. The one with a rod pocket

While curtain lights on curtains with rod pockets are appealing, they also require the right approach to install.

We recommend you use adhesive hooks and take to bring your creative mindset to the table. Resources like Ollny Curtain lights and several sticky hooks are perfect for this process. Begin by selecting the section of the wall where you set up the lights.

Remember to set up the hooks at a height that the lights can be set behind the curtain for the best results.

We recommend you set the adhesive hooks on the wall at 10cm above the pole so that you can set the lights outside or behind the curtain.

Plus, ensure the hooks are still stable enough to accommodate the weight of the curtain lights. The next step is to set up the adhesive hooks on the wall.

Remember to keep the spacing of each hook to about 10cm.

Finally, connect the curtain lights to hooks on your wall and release the drops. Begin by hook the lights on the first adhesive hook, and proceed with the process throughout the line.

4. Invisible slide rail

If you have curtains with an invisible slide rail, you will need an informed approach to setting up the curtain lights. You will need Ollny curtain lights and several hooks because they are reliable. Identify the glider that will move the curtains along the rails.

Next, fix the adhesive hooks at a distance of 10cm above the glider for the ambient results. Doing this will ensure the lights sit hidden or outside and won't compromise the curtain movement.

After fixing the hooks in place, connect the led curtain lights to your hooks carefully. Try tugging on the lights gently for stability and set up more hooks if it needs additional support.

Credit by @athomewithlia

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