How to Easily Hang Curtain Twinkle Lights

To make a do-it-yourself project of hanging lights behind your curtains is like choosing to read an adventure novel on your own. To rate this DIY project’s difficulty level, you should be an adult and know the basics of wiring accessories, not like you have to be an electrician to make it awesome.

Today, we will introduce how to easily install the curtain lights to you.

Curtain fairy lights are incredibly lightweight, so you can easily hang them using sticky hooks. With careful installation, you won’t have to worry about anything else!

Items You Need
5 Easy Steps to Hang Curtain Lights
Once you have prepared the items needed, you are ready to start your DIY project. This will only take ten minutes of your time.

  • 1. Plan your layout and mark where you will place the curtain lights. You can choose any area in your home, whether it’s the living room, bedroom, or even outdoors, on your patio or garden. You can also use curtain fairy lights to decorate your home for a party, a wedding, or to celebrate holidays such as Christmas or Thanksgiving!
  • 2. Attach the sticky hooks to the curtain beams or rods. Try to maintain consistent spacing between hooks for better weight distribution.

  • 3. Hang the main power line of the LED curtain lights on the hooks. Make sure to keep the branches tied to avoid tangling.

  • 4. Untie the straps on the curtain light branches and let them hang down. Carefully adjust the branches to show off all the bulbs and create beautiful effects.

  • 5. Plug the USB into a power source and enjoy your cozy, beautiful lights

And in no time at all, you’re done with your curtain fairy lights project!

Tips for Hanging Curtain Lights
Hanging curtain string lights need not be a complicated project. Here are some tips to make the installation process go smoothly:
  • When unpacking your LED curtain lights, spread the main line (the thick one) first. Hold the branches together to keep them from becoming entangled.
  • Before you begin the installation, make sure that you have enough sticky hooks to cover the length of your curtain fairy lights.
  • Follow these tips, and you will surely turn your vision into a beautiful reality.

Ollny 300 LEDs 9.8ft x 9.8ft Warm White Curtain Lights are safe because the bulbs don’t overheat even when they are kept on for extended periods. There is no significant fire risk, so you can use them on wood and fabrics without worry.


These beautiful curtain string lights can also be hung on glass windows or an accent wall to elevate your interior or exterior decor. The string lights have IP44 water protection, so you can keep them on even when it rains or snows.

These twinkle curtain lights come with eight fun lighting modes and four brightness levels that you can easily adjust to your preferences. Let power on, and you would be surprised by the beautiful lights. They make the room super cozy and also add whimsy and fun for this space!

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