How to Joyfully Celebrate Fall with Autumnal elements, and stars!

With a few simple steps, you can transform your home into a beautiful fall paradise.

Check out this idea to get some fall décor inspiration! We’re using natural wooden sticks, real fall leaves, and twinkling color-changing star shaped lights to represent the starry Autumn sky.

Let’s Celebrate the season of Fall

Items you need:

Time needed: Under half an hour


1. Drill six equal-sized and evenly spaced holes into your first piece of wood and again into the second, but the placement of the second stick's holes should be identical to that of the first stick's.

2. Cut seven strands of rope at 15-inches long, and make a knot at the end of each one. Insert the unknotted ends of 6 of your strands, down into the holes of your 1st stick, pulling them through.

3. Repeat this same insertion into your 2nd stick, pulling the strands through enough to make a knot at the bottom of your stick. Try to create all knots in identical size, and large enough so the rope can not slip through the hole again.

4. Spread out your unit as shown here, and adjust as needed for balanced symmetry. Then, with the last strand of rope, push one end down into the top stick’s 1st hole, and tie a knot underneath. With the other end of rope, do the same at the 6th hole in the stick. This strand can now be used to hang your display upon the adhesive hook on your wall.

5. Gather your lovely leaves and start attaching them to the rope strands using double-sided tape. They look best when staggered.

6. Because there are 4 bright colors to the star string lights, they add a fresh and dynamic look to the brown and orange leaves and natural sticks or branches. So turn on your Ollny 100 LED’s star lights and begin to generously cascade the wires from one side of your autumn display to the other. Simply gorgeous!

7. Play around with all of the lighting modes. There are 11 unique looks in total to create a brilliant atmosphere. The warm and cozy feeling is at hand, so proudly appreciate your innovation.

Great news; other Ollny string lights can be substituted easily, for example, try the Ollny Globe Lights, or other Fairy string lights in the collection.

Ideas! Ideas galore! This stunning display can be suitable for all occasions, with a tweak of what you’d hang on the strands, you could modify it for birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, children’s bedroom décor, Christmas, Halloween, valentine’s day, and spring break festivals. There’s little limit to the possibilities.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this DIY Autumn crafting project, Browse our other posts for more great lighting décor ideas.

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