How to Weatherproof Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are a popular way to decorate for the holidays. Unfortunately, they are often exposed to the elements, making them susceptible to weather damage. Weatherproofing hanging outdoor Christmas lights is an important step to ensure they last through the season. Here are some tips you can use for this process:

1. Placement

When installing twinkling outdoor Christmas lights, it is important to consider the placement of the lights. Placing the lights in areas that are more exposed to water can lead to weather damage.

This is especially true for areas that experience a lot of rain or snow. Make sure to place the lights in areas that are protected from the elements, such as under eaves, overhangs, or covered patios.

Additionally, use waterproof light strands to ensure that the lights are not affected by water. Finally, make sure to use the right type of light fixture to withstand the elements.

Choosing the right type of light placement is essential for weatherproofing your Christmas lights and ensuring they last for many years.Most of Ollny outdoor lights are IP67 waterproof and the rest are IP44 waterproof, which are good for outside usage.

2. Super Long Extension Cord

Using a long extension cord is an important part of weatherproofing your Christmas lights. With a longer cord, you can place the lights further away from the power source and avoid tripping the power.

The longer cord also provides an extra layer of protection from rain and moisture, making sure that the lights stay bright and long-lasting throughout the holiday season.


The best way to make sure your extension cord is weatherproof is to choose one that is specifically designed for outdoor use, which typically has a higher waterproof rating and is built to last.

It's also important to properly secure the cord to avoid it becoming a tripping hazard and make sure it is rated for the wattage of the twinkle string lights. With the right cord, your Christmas lights will stay lit up and looking beautiful year after year.

3. Outlets with Covers

Weatherproofing Christmas lights is very important if you plan to hang them outdoors. Outlets with covers are a great way to ensure that your lights are weatherproofed. These covers provide a seal around the plug, protecting it from water, wind, and other elements.

Not only do these covers protect your plugs, they also keep out dirt and dust, which can be damaging to your lights. The covers also add a stylish look to your Christmas decorations. By using outlets with covers, you can be sure that your lights stay safe and well protected this holiday season.

4. Weatherproofing Electrical Connection Points

If you've done all the setups of electrical cords for your outdoor Christmas lights, the final job is to cover those electrical connection points (an electrical cover box, a weatherproof gasket, or electrical tape).

Weatherproofing electrical connection points is essential for a successful outdoor Christmas light display. Not only will it help protect your lights from the elements, it also helps to keep you and your family safe.

Weatherproofing these connection points will keep moisture from getting in and corroding the metal, which could cause a short circuit and a potential fire hazard. Additionally, it helps keep pests and critters from chewing through the cords and potentially causing a fire.

It is also important to use an approved weatherproof cover box for any connections that are going to be exposed to the elements. Using a weatherproof gasket or electrical tape is also recommended in order to ensure the connections are properly sealed and protected.

Weatherproofing your electrical connection points is an important step in ensuring your outdoor Christmas light display is a safe and enjoyable experience.

There are different methods you can take to waterproof your outdoor Christmas lights and avoid the power from tripping. Weatherproofing Christmas lights is an essential step to ensure they last and look their best throughout the holiday season. Taking a few extra precautions can help keep your lights in top condition and make sure they are ready to shine year after year.We hope these tips help you!

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