5 Best Techniques for Storing Christmas Lights

There is nothing better than when you can hand and set up your Christmas lights correctly. While it's often a hassle to unpack the lights and set them correctly, it's necessary. Many people like avoiding this process because of the hassles involved, and some reasons also include because of poor quality lights. However, this guide looks at the five best techniques you can use for storing Christmas lights.

1. Use A Cardboard

The first solution on your list is to use cardboard because it's easy to use and readily available. Here are the steps involved:

  • Find a heavy cardboard piece, and cut it using a razor, so it forms a rectangular shape. We recommend you get it to the 6 x 12" dimension category.
  • Cut a notch one side of the cardboard. Ensure the notch you create is large enough so you can tuck one section of the lights to this component.
  • Set the lights around your rectangular keyboard. Perform this process as you work from one section to other until the process is complete.
  • Create a new notch on the other end of the lights when you are complete. Set this end into the notch you created, just as you had done previously.
  • Finally, set the lights in a bag, and use paper to cover the cardboard.

2. Use A Potato Chip Can

Have you wondered about some creative techniques you can orchestrate for potato chip cans? One excellent suggestion is to use them for your Christmas light setup needs. Here are the steps to expect:

  • Get an empty and clear potato chip can. Clean it using some soap and water.
  • Then cut a small space at the bottom of the can, and then insert the plug of the lights into the can. Ensure that it doesn't fall outwards.
  • Wrap the lights around the can neatly, and do this from the bottom to the top.
  • Cut a slit on the top can section once again, and set the remaining light section into this space. Then, set the potato can lid on top once again.
  • Place your set up in a bag, or use cardboard or paper for protection.

3. Hanger

Using a hanger is another excellent alternative that you can use for setting up Christmas lights. We prefer the plastic hangers before they provide added safety for your needs. Here are the steps for using a hanger for Christmas lights.

  • Set one end of the lights onto the hooks of the hanger. Then, wrap the lights on the hanger from one side to the other. Repeat this process until you do this for all the hooks and lights.
  • Set the remaining end of the light on the other hook. If the light is far, consider just setting it between the light strands for convenience.
  • Set the lights in a box for storage. You can also hang the lights anyway after completing the wrapping process.

4. Scroll

Scroll functions are exceptional for Christmas lights, and the Ollny brand is no exception. The scroll lights are more convenient and also highly appealing than most alternatives. The steps here are simple:

  • You just set the lights into a cord holder and wind them up accordingly. Next, put the reaming end of the lights, and keep them in a well-covered position that is dry.
  • If you don't have a reel, to visit a hardware store for DIY alternatives. Then, repeat the steps mentioned above for the light set up process.

5. Wrapping carefully by hand

The final step on this list involves finding ways of wrapping the light carefully by hand. If the spacing between the bulbs averages more than 5ft, and you want DIY storage, consider the following steps:

  • Pinch the second bulbs and allow the first and third bulbs to sit side by side on your hands.

  • Proceed with matching the event bulbs to your top-hand section. Then set the odd ones to the bottom. Maintain this sequence until you get to the final bulb.

  • Wrap the remaining wire cord on the bunch and plug the dual sides inwards. Remember to tie the plugs and the bunch together. They store the bundle in a convenient storage box where it can go through drying procedures.

Using the right preparation methods is crucial for the next time you want to host the festive season. You must use an informed approach to setting up your bulbs, to ensure they offer optimal lighting coverage. The steps mentioned above should help set you in the right direction.

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  • Lights don’t like being handled and twisted. The less you handle and coil them the best chance you have for them to be working the next year.
    For those who have thousands of lights, the best way to store them is to coil a full arm length of lights, looped as many times as needed per the length. Wire tie the top of the loop. Then buy the biggest tote storage container, and carefully lay each set of lights on top of each other, within the container. You can stack them in a storage area, out of the way. The storage container will keep them dry and ready to go for the next year.
    Never drag or drop your light strings. Handle them with care.
    We had over 230,000 Christmas lights and this is the best way for storage. Lights all have wires inside their sockets. They will rust and need to be cleaned and protected using di-electric grease. Cleaning and protecting them from water/rust. This is another story

    Evan Belnap on

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