Illuminate Your Backyard With String Lights: Five Pretty Ways

The twinkle of outdoor lighting would be the most enchanting on a cool summer night. To get you inspired, we will recommend 5 of the most breathtaking outdoor lighting looks to take your backyard oasis to the next level.

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Add The Patio String Lights to The Deck

Installing exterior lights on the deck is a popular choice; it's simple, easy, and above all, it can easily create a sense of a serene atmosphere. You can crisscross them overhead to give a canopy effect, or you can drape them along the railing, or hang them around the perimeter of the deck.

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Make sure that the LED patio string lights are waterproof and that they can withstand weather changes.

You can check out our collection of waterproof backyard string lights that you can add to your deck.

Install The Patio Lights on The House's Roof

Using the house's roof is a simple way to hang outdoor string lights and add a nice shine to your backyard. You can do that by:

  • Draping the outdoor patio lights from the tree to your roof.
  • Drape the exterior string lights along the edges of the roofline.
  • Crisscross across the space if there are poles or any structures that you can use to connect them to the roof.
  • Or simply hang them in lines.

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Wrap The String Lights Around Trees

Wrapping the patio string lights around trees is the simplest way to illuminate your backyard. Hang the lights on all the branches you can reach to make the canopy of the tree twinkle with pretty string lights. You can also hang them in line on the branch, wrap them around the tree trunk, or crisscross them if you have more than one tree in your backyard.

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Choose weather-resistant string lights, and make sure the branches are sturdy.

Take a look at our collection of LED string lights that are designed for trees.

Use Freestanding Structures to Hang Exterior String Lights

Structural additions to your backyard offer a versatile and easy way for illumination. Here are some examples of freestanding structures that you can use to hang outdoor string lights:

  • Pergolas and arbors.
  • Trellises.
  • Outdoor kitchens.
  • Outdoor bars.
  • Long planters.
  • Gazebos.
  • Outdoor poles.

All of those can provide a point to hang up your string lights. The exterior string lights add elegance and beauty to those structures, as in this small garden.

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You can weave them along the structure and even wrap them around the pillars to add a nicer glow.

Install Icicle Lights in Your Backyard

Icicle lights are not only used in winter and holidays, but they can also be installed on outdoor spaces in summer to add a magical and whimsical touch to your backyard, turning it into a place suitable for relaxation, parties, barbecues, and more.

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You can use icicles in these ways:

  • Hang them from the roofline.
  • Drap them over structures (trellises, gazebos, pergolas, statues, water fountains, etc.).
  • Wrap them around trees, or drap them in between if possible.
  • Drap them on the fence and railway.
  • If you have a knack for carpenter, you can design a structure the shape you desire and then illuminate it with icicle lights.

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These bright, stunning, and affordable patio string lights and icicles can add sparkle, enjoyment, and a sense of tranquility to your outdoor spaces, whatever the season.

Visit our website to see our collection of outdoor patio lights.

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