Indoor and Outdoor Decor Lights to Try This Summer

Are You Ready For Summer? 

Are your indoor and outdoor spaces ready for the buzz of summer?  What do you want your home to feel and look like now that summer has arrived? Some decorative fairy lights can add a glowy ambiance and greatly add to the overall atmosphere of your home. Both indoors and outdoors, led string lights increase enjoyment of our favorite spaces.

pergola string lights

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Here are four ways you can get the most out of these high-quality fairy lights this summer to refresh your mood and your house. 

1. Hang to Create a Shower of Lights in a Gazebo

led icicle lights

These icicle lights create a shower of light hung in a gazebo.  A gazebo is the prime place for many families to relax outdoors. Hang 396 LED 32ft warm white icicle lights to illuminate your summer nights. Enjoy a cool drink under a spectacular array of golden fairy lights. 

2. Install a Curtain of Lights On Your Patio

fairy curtain lights

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The patio is the place where many spend the most of their summer.  It is the perfect space for having a drink or dinner with friends and family. If you spend a lot of time here or would like to spend more time in this space this summer, why not take the opportunity to make it perfect? 

Hang these 300 led 9.8ft*9.8ft cool white curtain lights to add an elegant touch to the space. These fairy lights bring the stars of the summer night sky right to your gathering.  The led string lights create the perfect ambiance for guests while you grill and prepare a delicious meal for everyone. 

3. Brighten Up Your Home

room string lights

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During a hot summer, you may end up spending more time indoors simply due to the heat. Stay cool by staying indoors and spruce up your living room. Create your ideal aesthetic room with led lights.

The fairy lights will increase your comfort and make all the movies you enjoy even more worthwhile. Spend the hot nights cool and comfortable under the warm glow of these 200 LED 66ft warm white fairy string lights. Add a little light to your life with a gorgeous embellishment that revitalizes the whole space.

4. Use the Curtain Lights as a Curtain!

curtain string lights

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Surprisingly, not many people use curtain fairy lights as a curtain! This is a wonderful way to highlight the fantastic weather occurring outside and a little reminder to take it all in.  Led string lights as a curtain can be a super fun, memorable feature for a party too as guests get to walk through the fairy lights on their journey from the kitchen to the deck.

These 300 LED 9.8ft * 9.8ft warm white curtain lights are made of eco-friendly transparent wire and never overheat even after long-term use, which is perfect for everyday use in the home. 

Gorgeous Lighting For Indoors or Outdoors

fence string lights

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Add a little LED light to your life this summer with the warm glow from these fairy lights. They are a super simple addition, but add so much value for making the most of these long summer days. Enjoy a cozy, aesthetic room with led fairy lights or the perfect entertainment space with your outdoor patio string lights in this marvelous season.

Sit back, relax, and take in the scenery. If you loved this article and want to know about other decorative ideas such as garden or festival decor, check out our other wonderful inspiration guides

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