Indoor Halloween Lighting Décor and Ideas

It's almost time for Halloween. Yay!

Now is the perfect time to put the finishing touches on your Halloween decorations.

Despite the fact that a simple pumpkin on the front porch would suffice, Halloween decorations are becoming increasingly popular, unique, and creative!

Need an idea? Have no fear! We’ve come up with a distinctive Halloween project that’s simple to create, and takes a short time to make. You could design this for the home, dorm room, office or classroom. Let us get to it!

Items You Will Need:

  • 1. Stick the self-adhesive hooks along the length of your wall. Then, from the hooks, hang Ollny's purple string lights.

  • 2. Unfold the black gauze (sold on Amazon or craft stores). Cut holes and shapes of different lengths into the gauze, then droop the black gauze on to the string lights.

  • 3. Position your black spider web at the corner of your wall and secure. If you cannot find a large Halloween spider-web, you can make a large spider-web with black crepe paper. Now attach those spine-chilling spiders onto the spider-web using your double-sided tape! It’s all coming together now!

  • 4.Turn on Ollny’s orange string lights, then place them inside the lantern box. Arrange the lantern, pumpkin and other Halloween props under the spooky wall design.

  • 5. Draw several outlines of flying bats, as shown, on to your cardboard. Make as many as you wish, in various sizes. Use scissors to cut them out, and with the black permanent marker- color all the bat shapes completely black.  

    Add strips of double-sided tape onto the backs of the bats, and then adhere them onto the black gauze. It looks outstanding having the bats flying upwards in the same swooping direction.  Aaah, Spooky!

  • Last step; get ready! Turn on Ollny’s purple string lights and see how your creation comes to life!

When your Halloween display is combined with all the features of Ollny’s lighting, such as flickering, wave, slow fade in and out, etc., it makes a far more remarkable presentation and a howling good time!

Here’s exactly where you can get your Ollny’s Purple String Lights: 

And for your Ollny’s Orange String Lights: 

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