How to Diy Your Own Remote-controlled Led Jar Lights

LED lights can be used in a variety of scenarios, and right now you have the ability to broaden your horizons. I’ll show you how to create an LED Jar light.

There are numerous ideas for using LED lights. Picture this… a warm LED bottle light positioned on your dining table, accentuating a romantic setting and mood. Such ambiance is essential for a romantic dinner for two. Is that a twinkle in your eye, or Ollny’s dazzling lights accentuating your glow-up?

Here’s another idea for when you wake up at night. Instead of switching on regular harsh lighting, turn on Ollny’s warm and soft LED string lights with your remote control. You won't disturb anyone else, or expose your poor eyes to sharp, sudden brightness. Who needs that?

DIY projects are extremely popular, and you don't need to be an expert in arts and crafts to participate. Ready to release your imagination?

Glass Jar LED Copper Wire Lights

A copper wire mason jar light can take a short 5 minutes to create, but it will look very sumptuous. Here are the instructions to make it!

First, the items you will need:

  • 1. Ollny Fairy lights with remote control
  • 2. Glass jar or other wide glass cylinder bottle
  • 3. Cardboard canister lid or another paper cylinder lid for closing the jar
  • 4. A short tree branch with multiple limbs
  • 5. And pebbles, or small cobbles or stones


    1. Charge your lights, then turn on to see the full effect as you create this amazing project. Arrange a third of Ollny Fairy lights down into the bottom of the glass jar, allowing the rest of the light to hang over the top rim. 

      2. Insert the top half of your slim tree branch down into the glass jar, gentle as you go. Snip the projecting stem of the branch to make it level with the jar's edge. Now place the remaining wired lights into the glass jar, leaving the USB power connector extending 2-4 inches.

      3. Fill your cardboard cylinder lid with your pebbles. This gives it a wonderful appearance while also adding stability to your lit jar.

      4. Take your glass jar and gently turn it over right on top of the cardboard base lid holding the pebbles. You can easily secure them together with tape or a non-abrasive glue if you wish. So now, your creation should have a sturdy base and gorgeous illuminated glass at the top! See how the twisted wires really glisten, and the lights are stylish and elegant? You can use lace, rhinestones, tiny images, or anything else to embellish the base of the foundation!

      5. And there you have it. What a beautiful work of art. 

      Furthermore, Fairy string lights from Ollny are a reliable choice for creating fantastic backgrounds for videos, or live streaming with family or friends. Imagine a meager set of lights flickering off mid-stream - simply unacceptable! However, Ollny Lights will do you right. You could drape our fairy lights across your bookshelf, hoop them around your picture frames on the wall, jazz-up your pin boards, adorn your table, or interweave the lights amongst your plants. You can secure them under your kitchen cabinets, over your mantelpiece, around your mirrors, across your headboard, or on top of your canopy bed. 

      These are only some of Ollny's many uses, and there’s a plethora of other options, such as for birthday decorations and holiday celebrations!

      DIY projects are extremely popular, and you don't need to be an expert in arts and crafts to participate. Ollny’s LED lights can be strung from natural branches, or incorporated into your stone or pebble collection.

      Should you want to give someone else the gift of imagination, our LED lights make excellent stand-alone gifts! Gift-wrap the attractive box they come in, add a bow, and you're done! Simply delightful, because your receiver’s options are now boundless!

      Because the LED Fairy Lights are USB powered, you can charge them with a mobile power bank, through your computer’s port device, or other USB chargers. No need for batteries or extension leads for Ollny’s copper-wired lights, so you can charge and use our lights practically anywhere.

      Champaign bottles or mason jars, cans, and even pierced box display can all be fashioned at home. Ollny’s LED Fairly String Lights and Copper-Wire Lights are perfect for Christmas gifts, Valentine’s Day décor, or for your study or a studio setup. They make decorating your window displays a breeze, and the ability to control the fairy lights via the remote is incredibly handy! Have a look at Ollny’s festive range at

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