Plant Shelf Decoration Ideas to Spruce Up Your Space

Modern life has made it challenging for many people to experience nature firsthand. Many people incorporate natural themes into their home decor to get a taste of it in their everyday life.

One of the best and easiest ways to add a bit of personality to a space is through plants. Whether you’re just beginning your gardening journey or you’re a long-time enthusiast, dedicating prime real estate to your indoor plants will do wonders to add life and freshness to the overall space.

Read on for some simple styling tips to integrate greenery into your home:

1. Keep It Neat and Neutral

To display your beloved plants to their best advantage, choose pots and planters in neutral colors. Black, gray, white, or any shade of brown will help you create a uniform setup that will blend well with the existing color swatches in your indoor space. 

Choose the right-sized planters for each of the plants you buy to ensure a unified look and, more importantly, give them more than enough room to grow. Arrange your plants according to your own preference, whether it’s according to color, height, or any other organizing scheme that will enhance the overall aesthetic.

You can install LED fairy lights from Ollny for an eye-catching effect in the evening—surely a fun and exciting option for living room lighting!

2. Go Boho

Match the nature vibe by going bohemian for your indoor decor. You can use natural fabrics with abstract or geometric designs and color palettes that mix bright and neutrals. Boho is all about an eclectic mix of varying colors and design, so be as creative and out-there as you want.

Natural weave rugs, animal-shaped porcelain decor items, and wooden pots and planters will work together for a unique aesthetic. Match wall planters and colorful pots with framed botanical art pieces to spruce up the area.

3. Let the Shelf Shine

If you want your indoor plants to shine, why not use lights to make them sparkle? Adding LED string lights along the edges of your plant stands and planters will give your plants an ethereal glow in the nighttime.

If you want to light up the entire shelf, Ollny’s 400 LED Outdoor Warm White String Lights are the perfect choice. These are long enough to wrap around your entire plant shelf and brighten any space to make it look ethereal and fabulous. There are multiple lighting modes that you can change via remote control, and they are IP44 waterproof, so you can water your plants worry-free!

4. It’s More Than a Plant Stand

Liven up your work from home space with plants! Why not use your shelf to connect with nature and all the things that remind you of happiness and good memories?

Integrate mini-plants with your favorite books, workspace gadgets, pictures of loved ones, and other ornaments to brighten up your day.

These personal touches and natural elements will help create a more engaging space even in the place you work, things that will serve as inspiration and a break from the monotony of a weekday.

Liven Up Your Plant Shelf

Greenery adds character to any room, livens up a space, and reminds you of your connection to nature. An aesthetic room with LED lights and a variety of plants can also enhance your mood and improve your health.

Wherever you are in your gardening journey, these simple decorating tips will surely elevate your indoor space and display all of your plants in the best possible way. You can keep it as simple as possible or go all-out with a bohemian and maximalist decor—the options are endless!

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