Recommendations for Christmas Lights for the Roof

Christmas is now near than ever and preparations are already underway to make this great day memorable. Standing out is already on the agenda of many people and what a great way to do so other than by use of hanging Christmas lights.

These lights like outside Christmas décor lights bring with them an allure that gives your home an appearance that stands out from the rest.

However, as you install dripping icicle lights or any other type for the festive season; you need to consider several things. Safety is one and the most important of them all.

Even though all Ollny's string lights are in low voltage so that they are safe enough to touch in the wet conditions, for the sake of absolute safety, we still recommend to pay much attention to safety issues when hanging up the lights.

As such, any installation of Christmas lights icicle cycles should be done with a lot of care ensuring that the highest safety standards are upheld during the entire installation process. Having said that, here are some suggestions regarding the installation of Christmas lights you need to consider. 

Tips to Hanging Lights

Hanging lights are integral in the process of beautifying your home during the festive season. These lights shine and can be seen from afar. The patterns they form give any home a light decoration that lives up to the full reputation of the Christmas mood. However, they can be dangerous if loosely fit in place.

When loosely installed, the lights pose a great risk of drop, not only looking unsightly, but tripping up the passers-by. Thus, anyone considering installing hanging warm white icicle lights should pay keen attention to the issue of persistence during the installation process.

To quickly put these lights in place, ensure you know the exact number of lights you need and the required string length for this purpose. Once you have the right lights and length, you need to identify the most suitable gutters on which the lights will hang.

The gutters you choose for this purpose should be located in the right areas which are not just safe but will also contribute to the optimal appearance of your house. Upon inspection of your house and identifying the rights and gutters, check for the right power sources and if possible work with a power source that is close to the gutters you choose. 

Doing so will help you avoid long light strings that might be somehow tangled even if you are using remote control outdoor Christmas lights. 

Important Things to Consider When Hanging Christmas Lights

When installing multi-color icicle lights do not just focus on the potential beauty they likely will bring to your home, think about safety as well. If possible, work with another person on this process and preferably someone who has ever carried out this process before.

For your safety during the installation process, always position the ladder balanced and correctly during this process especially if you are installing these lights on very high gutters.

For Eaves

Eaves are one of the places you need to consider any time you are installing Christmas, the location of the area is strategic for utmost beauty. The best Christmas lights to use in this area are the Christmas icicle lights. These lights are the best for this area for many reasons. First, they come with a clear cable which is very suitable for all areas. 

Besides that, they come in a wide variety of colors which makes their decoration even more amazing. Their length which goes up to 66ft together with their elegance offers you everything you need for your Christmas lights decoration.

For Roof Line

For the roof line Christmas lights decoration, the best and most recommended lights are the IP67 waterproof Christmas lights. These lights come with some unique features which make them the best lights for this purpose and in this area.

Their super bright nature illuminates any compound fully and their generous length allows them to be wrapped around any house completely. The warm white IP67 light is also waterproof which means you can use them in any weather. They are some of the best lighting options that can be used as chasing Christmas lights outdoor to create a great festive experience out of your home.

In the latest decorating trends, warm white cluster lights have become another option. They consist of a continuous and dense string of LED bulbs that can outline your roofline or even be used to outline your doors and windows, adding a festive atmosphere to your house.


Proper outdoor lighting offers so much to the Christmas festive mood. The twinkling outdoor Christmas lights give your home an appealing look and a great welcoming sign to your visitors.

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