The Many Ways of Ollny Curtain Lights!

by Ollny Direct on November 16, 2021

We live in a time where many people seek out new purchases with multiple purposes. Let’s give ourselves a hand-clap for reusing, upcycling, and finding various uses for items that we adore.

We are going to tick many boxes right now. Take a look at how Ollny Curtain String Lights can be used in a variety of settings. Our decorative curtain lights are generating quite a stir on Amazon in the US and in Europe, and we'd like to invite you to join us on this repurposing voyage.

Scenario 1: There's a boring, drab wall next to a bed, it’s not giving off good vibes or the warm-and-cozies. But, surprisingly, it's a synched to style the wall elegantly.
Hanging curtain lights onto adhesive wall hooks is a bit of naughty fun because you can drape the lights high above by stand on your bed - just as Mom said we shouldn't. But, hey, you're only adding spice to life by replicating this beautiful look seen below.

Credit: Ollny Customer

Scenario 2: You could then try your hand at creating the cutest bed setting for a young girl or boy.
As you can see, long, sheer curtains with dependable and safe Ollny cool-white curtain lights can transform a four-poster bed into something cute and delightful. In the evenings, the kids would be running to bed to dream amongst the starry sky of lights (lights control by remote I might add). Lights totally repurposed.

Credit: Ollny Customer

Scenario 3: Add glitz to your swagger as you sashay down the catwalk of lights. Whether you’re on the runway, or in your hallway, you’ll just look amazing. Ollny curtain lights come in a range of colors, offering several modes, so they're perfect for being featured in the aisles, corridors or halls. Who’s immersed in magic today? You!

Credit: Ollny Customer

Scenario 4:  On Thanksgiving Day there’s a big football game on TV, making the main attraction your large-screen TV set, and not your turkey.
So go with it- use your Ollny Curtain Lights to keep the football field at center stage. Simply hang your curtain lights behind your television on the wall. They're lightweight and UL- certified safe, so perfect for cascading over wall hanging. They won’t overheat, and the vibrant colors make them a show-stopper, and never a distraction.

Credit: Ollny Customer

Scenario 5: It's a reality that certain individuals look better under the glow of romantic lighting, and it's a good thing.
Under the glistening lights of love, a lavish dinner prepared for two, and your partner's smoldering gaze, you won’t help feeling clever that you’d added Ollny lights. The rest, we won’t take credit for it that’s alright.

Credit: Ollny Customer

Scenario 6: If your home's stairwell is dark and dismal, and you need more illumination to see, why not use curtain lights to improve safety while also adding charm as an added bonus.
Because of the slanting upward wall, the lights will cascade down spectacularly. So safely secure them at the top, following the edge of the wall. How practical is that?

Credit: Ollny Customer

Scenario 7: It's remarkable how the best lighting can convert a party into a life experience! Modest effort decorating with them, but enormous results as the reward.
Your guests will feel special by your effort, and love your style, the atmosphere you've created for them, and the memories of such an exciting time. They will then want to know how to find your lighting.

Credit: Ollny Customer

It's brilliant how the right lighting can turn a party into a memorable event. Repurposing curtain lights requires little effort, but the results are enormous. Your guests will feel special will admiring your sense of style, and appreciate will appreciate the atmosphere you created for them.  

To Use and Use Again –Ollny Curtain Lights are limitless!(

Our products can only withstand a wide range of applications because of top-technology, durability, profession manufacturing, UL certification, eco-friendly standards and warranty coverage. In addition, the Ollny customer service team is happy to answer any enquires that you might have.


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