The Ultimate Guide On Where to Hang the Wedding String Lights

If there is one thing that you can't do without when it comes to your wedding decor, then that thing is wedding string lights, for they give the wedding its magical feel. In this guide, we'll explore the benefits of LED lights, ways to hang them, and light recommendations for the perfect ambiance.

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5 Benefits of LED Wedding Lights

  1. Energy efficient: wedding string lights create a dazzling display with less energy.
  1. Durability: outdoor wedding string lights are designed to weather and withstand complex conditions like weather changes, which makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor weddings.
  1. Versatility: wedding string lights come in various colors and styles, allowing you to both customize the ambiance and choose the design that suits your wedding theme. Another part of this versatility is that you can use them in so many different ways.
  1. Customizable ambiance: another benefit that comes from using wedding string lights is that you can choose the degree of ambiance you desire. You can make it dim in certain areas and brighter in other areas according to the specific need and the effect that you want to have. This dimmable design creates the perfect mood for different parts of the wedding day.
  1. Safety and convenience: wedding string lights stay cool to the touch, which reduces the risk of fire hazards, not to mention that they are easy to install and manage throughout the event.

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Where to Hang the Wedding Lights

As mentioned before, wedding lights are versatile and can adjust to most structures and all designs. Here are some ways to hang string lights:


      Drape the string lights behind the altar or hang them from an arch to add a romantic glow to your vows. You can also use icicle wedding lights and drape them over the alter; they will look like a twinkling curtain behind you.


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          Hang the outdoor wedding string lights overhead using the design you prefer (for example, they can be in parallel design, or they can start from one point, aiming to different areas). This creates a nice canopy effect. You can also wrap them around pillars for a soft, twinkling ambiance.

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            Lighted Trees and Paths

              Line pathways with string lights or wrap them around trees to lead guests to different areas of the venue. You can also drape them above medium-sized pushes and showcase the natural beauty of the surroundings.

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              3 Recommended Wedding String Lights from Ollny

              We would love to recommend to you a handful of our wedding string lights that would light your wedding with warmth.

              Ollny 800 LED string lights

              LED string lights can literally be used everywhere, in the style that you prefer. You can hang them up, wrap them around poles or trees, or you can add them structures in the wedding place. LED wedding string lights will give the place the perfect glow and the proper illumination.

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                Ollny curtain lights

                  Ollny curtain lights are a sophisticated choice for a wedding night. You can drape them on the wall, from the tree branches, or over the curtains, it will make it look as if the curtains are ablaze with the warmest glow.

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                    Ollny icicle lights

                      Icicle lights are what to go for you are looking for something that's out of the ordinary, something that will turn your wedding into a scene just out of fairy tales. They will light the area with a soft and beautiful light that will most certainly steals the breath away from your guests' chest.

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                      Using wedding lights can create an unforgettable experience. Choose the right lights, placement, and ambiance to complement the beauty of your special day. With the right wedding string lights, your wedding can shine with love and magic.

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