6 Gorgeous Ideas for Using String Lights Throughout Your Wedding

A wedding is a forever-memorable event; that's why we want every detail of it to be perfect. A major part of this is the decor. And, when it comes to the decor, we can say that lighting plays a crucial role. Wedding lights control the whole atmosphere; it's what really gives weddings their romantic and magical look. In this blog, we will share with you six gorgeous ideas for using string lights throughout your wedding.

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Ceremony Backdrop

A favorite for many is to hang the string lights behind the altar. This design gives a beautiful and dreamy effect, and you can make it even more beautiful and captivating by incorporating flowers or greenery for a soft, romantic look.

Check out our collection of ceremony string lights that will add a dreamy soft touch to your wedding.

Reception Lighting

The reception area is the place that gives the very first impression of your wedding and how it will be. For that, make sure it's absolutely magnificent by adding wedding string lights to the area. You can drape the wedding string lights above the reception area to create an enchanting and lovely ambiance. Explore the collection that we chose specifically to suit your wedding reception area. 

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Table Decor

Another creative idea that people overlook sometimes is to incorporate lights into your table using outdoor party lights or even wedding string lights. Yes, it's true! You can indeed add string lights to your table and centerpieces in a lot of ways. For example, you can drop them above the flowers on the tables, you can wrap them around the vases, or you can simply put them inside the vase. The sky is the limit! Whichever way you choose to incorporate it, you can be positive that adding string lights to your decor will create a nice twinkling effect and highlight  the table setting.

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Greenery Lighting

Greenery lighting, in my opinion, is a must. It can literally be the most fabulous part of your wedding light decor—the part that really gives the whole area a magical feeling and makes you feel as if you are in a fairy tale. You can casually hang up the strands for a leisurely effect, or you can incorporate the hanging lights with the greenery for a more natural look. Another good idea if you are hosting your wedding outside is to hang the wedding string lights from the branches. For strings of light that will make your greenery look wonderful, check out this 

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Focus Point with Elegance 

Nothing beats adding icicle lights to your wedding decor when you are looking for a whimsical feel at your wedding. Icicle lights can simply be dropped above the reception area to create a charming ambiance. Be sure that with icicle lights hanging from the ceiling of your reception area, you will have every guest craning their necks and gasping at the beauty of it. Check out the most fabulous icicle collection for your wedding.

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Canopy Effect

The last wedding decor idea for your most important night is to create a canopy effect. You can use outdoor wedding string lights to create a canopy effect by hanging them parallel and neatly above the table. This will give your wedding a warm but also exquisite look and feel. You can shop our outdoor wedding LED string lights.

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The best thing about string lights for weddings is that you never run out of ideas and ways to use them, they are that versatile! You can simply stand in the place where you will host your wedding, look around, and see for yourself how and where you can incorporate string lights. Whichever method you choose, string lights will surely make your wedding look more magical and simply breathtaking.

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