Tips for Adding Sparkle to Your Icicle Lights with Snowflakes

It's funny how Snowy icicle lights warm people's hearts and souls. The twinkle fairy lights blended with white snow provokes wonder and amazement, not only in children but also the child in us all!

We will show you how to create such an enchanting realm in just 30 minutes. You can whip-up this cool scene with a few easy crafts and a brilliant set of color-changing, dripping icicle lights.

Items Needed:


1. Begin by setting out your white paper, pencil, ruler and scissors. Then watch this very helpful video that demonstrates the snowflake pattern you’d want to cut out for this project. 

Whilst viewing the video begin to make the paper snowflakes. Should you prefer, you could cut different sizes, and even with two colors of paper ( although white snowflakes are traditional). Create as many snowflakes as you’d want.

Video link: (

2. Choose which two walls your LED icicle lights will hang from, then place a sticky hook onto each wall.  This is the moment to grab your icicle light strand.

Using the main strand of wire, hang one end of the strand onto a wall hook, and the other end on the other hook. When you’re sure they’re secure, begin to unravel the long branches along the main wire strand, allowing the branches to naturally unfurl.

3. Match a snowflake's center hole to the first branch's bottom light bulb. Tape the snowflake to the bulb and wire with double-sided tape.

Repeat this step using all of your paper snowflakes, staggering them along every branch as you please with the different sizes or colors of your liking. Enjoy unrestricted creativity!

4. Turn on your LED twinkle icicle lights and be lost in the winter wonderful of twinkles and stars, snow and Christmas bliss.

Do you know Ollny’s 32ft snowy Christmas icicle lights may also be used to decorate outside of the home?  For example, under the eaves, on your shrubs, trees and branches, on patios, banisters, hedges, balconies and more. They are made for inside and outside of the home, so making a winter atmosphere all around is possible! 

See all of our fun and creative tutorials with simple step-by-step instructions for all occasions. Happy Holidays!

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