Connecting Instructions for the Ollny Icicle Lights & Net Lights

Having connectable Christmas string lights is a desire for every person. Considering the confusion about the connection of Ollny lights from lots of Ollny users, we are here to introduce the types of connectable string lights and how to connect them. The most significant difference is that those connectable ones have two joints on one strand, while the others have only one. With this advancement, you will have a seamless experience connecting the Ollny lights for your outdoor and indoor décor. 

This article will describe the connectable Christmas lights by taking you step by step through how to do it using perfect images. It is a journey you will enjoy, for it is easy to follow and implement. 

How to connect one with the other sets

For this case, we shall take two sets of warm net lights as an example to illustrate the steps to follow:

Step 1: Identify the male and female joints of each light.

Step 2: Plug the first male joint into the socket.

Step 3: Connect the first light's female joint to the next light's male joint.

Step 4: Confirm if both lights are lit before tightening the black caps; if they have not lit, reconnect the two joints together tightly until they light up.

Step 5: Complete the installation by tightening the lid of the last end to prevent the lights from accidents and adverse weather. Spread them nicely in your house or outside, ready for Christmas.

Step 6: For extension, repeat steps 3, 4, and 5 to get an extra-long light with 3 in 1.

Two connectable Ollny lights

At the moment, all icicle lights and all net lights are connectable. You can connect up to three sets together without much hustle to give your event a credible look. The waterproof outdoor Christmas lights have male and female joints to allow easy connection, even by a child. 

a. The Ollny icicle lights

The warm white icicle Christmas lights are great Christmas lights for outdoor decorations. They give your stairs, roof, curtain, rails, bars, proms, home, patio, decks, balcony, and yard a unique look with incomparable beauty making your holiday memorable. Besides Christmas, this type of Ollny lights can furnish weddings, birthdays, Valentine’s Day, parties, and Halloween. 


  • Multicolored – These lights come in multiple colors, including warm, cool, purple, blue, mixed colors, etc.
  • Memory function – There is a memory chip installed in these lights to save the last mode settings.
  • Remote control – allows easy operation at any time by anybody.
  • Superior IP waterproof rating - Ollny icicle lights are IP44 waterproof, meaning they can withstand rain and heat.
  • Not easy to tangle since the led twinkle icicle lights contain copper wire and soft rubbers that make them sag naturally.

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b. Ollny net lights

The Ollny net lights are the perfect choice for any exterior decor, including trees, bushes, hedges, fences, tree trunks, poles, shrubs, columns, railings, and windows. 


  • Easy to hang – The Ollny net lights quickly decorate and cover your greenery and other places. Easily wrap the lights around trees to make your Christmas fascinating.
  • Perfectly connectable – these lights impressively connect up to three sets to offer an extensive decoration.
  • Multiple brightness levels – 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%.
  • Multiple modes - steady on, in-wave, slo-glo, chasing/fade, flash, sequential, slow fade, etc.
  • Ideal to use – With an IP44 waterproof rating and UL Listed, you can use these lights in any condition.

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Are you looking for more instructions about lights? Please take a look at our categories here. We have prepared numerous articles on all our lights including which one to choose for a specific occasion, how to operate them and other aspects. Get our top-rated twinkle string lights for a monumental Christmas celebration. 

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  • Hi Charlene,

    Each LED light is designed to work independently, so if one fails, it will not impact the others.

    Best regards.
    Ollny’s Team

    Ollny's Team on
  • If one led light goes out in the string, will the other lights stay on, or will the whole string go out?

    Charlene on

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