How Ollny Lights Are Featured by Influencers

As we approach the end of 2022, we’re happy to share that Ollny has had the opportunity to cooperate with several great influencers. These influencers have shared how they have arranged Ollny LED Christmas lights in and around their home.

Today, we’re going to provide you with high-quality content that will inspire you to decorate your home for the holidays too! Let's get to it!

1. LED Christmas Cluster Lights by @_Simplestories_

In order to create a cozy atmosphere, this influencer installed Ollny 400 LED 20ft warm white Christmas cluster lights next to her bed. The whole room is filled with a festive feeling that makes it feel warm and inviting.

Why did @_Simplestories_ choose Ollny's warm white LED Christmas lights? Ollny Christmas cluster lights are constructed with technical led lights chips and three layers of dark green environmental wires. This makes them super durable and equipped with high-brilliant mini-string lights that are bigger and brighter than common fairy lights.

2. Christmas Icicle Lights by @at_my_surrey_chalet

With Ollny's 486 LED 40ft Warm White Christmas Icicle Lights, this creator created her own winter wonderland! The icicle lights complement her house's triangular roof, making it stand out during the freezing winter months.

Decorative and classic twinkling icicle lights are excellent Christmas and holiday lighting choices. Eaves, decks, gutters, fences, and railings are popular locations for displaying icicle lights.

3. LED Christmas Tree Lights by @theblossomshome

We’re really impressed with how well the Ollny 800 LED 262ft Warm White Green Cable String Lights worked in creating a strong Christmas atmosphere. The influencer's Christmas tree is about 10 feet tall, and the lighting of the Ollny 800 LED 262ft Warm White String Lights can create a strong light effect in the living room.

Bonus: These lights are easy to install and weatherproof, meaning you can even use them outside!

4. Outdoor String Lights for Winter by

Having exquisite taste, this content creator made an excellent choice for lighting that will complement the wooden frame of her stylish home. The Ollny 800 LED 262ft Warm White Clear Cable String Lights are a perfect choice for placing on the porch of her house.

These Ollny outdoor string lights are the ideal addition to any part of your home, including gazebos, patios, pergolas, and bedrooms. They are also suitable for weddings, bedrooms, parties, and of course, Christmas decorations.

5. Christmas Window Curtain Lights by the_cubbyhole

It is a wonderful idea to decorate your home with led curtain lights. First of all, you can use curtain string lights to decorate your room and give it that cozy feeling with indirect lighting, especially during the holiday season.

During the Christmas season, curtain lights are trendy. One of the most favorable ways to enhance the Christmas atmosphere is by installing Onlly 300 LED warm white curtain lights next to the Christmas tree. This is exactly what one creator did to their home!

We mean just look at how elegant, cozy, and warm these LED Christmas lights made this influencer's home!

The Take-Away

Adding fairy Christmas lights to your home is sure to bring in that holiday cheer. So, scratch the blinding overhead light and opt for some elegant light strands instead. We assure you that each and every one of Ollny light strands will bring warmth, coziness, and a feeling of home into your living space.

Follow our Instagram account @ollny_official for more amazing lighting options! (We supply both indoor and outdoor lights, so we KNOW that we have everything imaginable!)

A special thanks to all the Sharers for being their authentic and creative selves, giving us insight, inventiveness, and inspiration!

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  • Hi! I’d like to recreate a commercial Christmas display scaled down for my yard. I’d like to have long strands of bright white string lights with white cords, maybe six to ten, each about 15 feet long to be hung from a large oak tree. I’d like to add a 24 inch blue snowflakes to three of the strings. Please let me know what products you recommend. Thanks

    Sybil Hughey on

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