5 Creative Wedding Lighting Ideas

Wedding day is the day many of us dream of; oftentimes, it's a day that you will remember for all your life, and nothing adds to the perfection of this day better than wedding lights. Wedding string lights add an air of magnificence and beauty to your wedding. In this article, we share with you five creative wedding lighting ideas. So, let's dive in!

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1. Create a Canopy for Reception Tables

You can use outdoor wedding string lights to create a canopy for the reception tables. This can be done in multiple ways; for example, you can hang them in parallel lines above the tables (as shown in the picture below) or, alternatively, you can use a pole in the middle from which all the string lights will be attached to different poles in different directions, creating something that resembles a tent. The wedding string lights in your reception area will create a dazzling light for your guests as they enjoy the evening.

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2. Illuminating the Ceremony Backdrop

Use LED curtain lights  to decorate the ceremony backdrop; those beautiful wedding lights will add a romantic and sophisticated touch to your wedding, not to mention that they come in different sizes, which allows you to customize your backdrop the way that suits you best. 

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3. Adorning Trees with Lights

A favorite of mine is to decorate trees with outdoor wedding lights. Nothing can make you feel like you are in a fairy tale, like trees adorned with string lights. Use  fairy string lights to decorate the trees in your wedding venue and add an enchanting and mesmerizing touch to your wedding day. You can also use outdoor string lights, which are versatile and suitable for trees. For example, you can wrap them around the branches and the tree trunk. 

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4. Accentuating the Photo Booth

The ambiance created by the wedding fairy string lights will certainly enhance the quality of the pictures you will take there; it ensures that everyone looks their best and gives a memorable experience to all of them. You can use fairy string lights to illuminate the photo booth in a way that matches your wedding theme and your personal preference. 

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5. Creating a Dreamy Ceremony Aisle

Light the ceremony aisle with the delicate and capturing glow of  fairy string lights. This will create a dreamy and wonderful atmosphere for your guests and enhance their experience. Using outdoor wedding lights to illuminate your aisle will give it a glow that won't only make the place look more beautiful but is also perfect for photography; the pictures that will be taken in this aisle will sure look captivating and breathtaking. 

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Wedding string lights are versatile, which allows you to decorate your aisle in the way that you prefer. Hopefully, those five creative ideas will make your wedding day a memorable one, one that your guests will keep talking about and even wish to have something like it for a long time. Lastly, don't forget to have a look at our wedding lights collection and choose the lights that will make your big day even more beautiful and fascinating. 

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